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2018-10-26 19:30:48 UTC  

@Nerv - VA Love Street talked about that girl. I got a pretty good laugh from their takes.

2018-10-26 19:31:47 UTC  

Dr Phil is wild.

2018-10-26 19:32:52 UTC  

@Nemets seems like WWII is what we shape all of our values and beliefs around, and we use it as the defining argument against certain topics as well. Pathological liar syndrome it seems to me, for those who want us to be completely obsessed over WWII and use it for all of our important topics

2018-10-26 19:35:57 UTC  

I get it, but I don't want those degenerate loonbags teaching our youth.

2018-10-26 19:37:05 UTC  

Home schooling is the only option.

2018-10-26 19:37:10 UTC  

@Felden - CO I listened to the first half this morning it must be in the second half I bet their takes are hilarious

2018-10-26 19:37:44 UTC  

If we ever get freedom of association, private schools would he wonderful. That's way down in the future though

2018-10-26 19:37:50 UTC  

It’s quality shit posting. A good way to help pass the time at work on a Friday.

2018-10-26 19:44:47 UTC  

Lol we're gonna rock the Rockies and AntiFa is gonna Get cucked by us so hard...they suck

2018-10-26 19:47:21 UTC  

<@!323930906261979157> they’ve been getting rides the whole time. It would take months at least to walk all the way up here. They just walk for the press.

2018-10-26 19:49:35 UTC  

Wow so they caught the suspect sending those packages and he turned out to be a registered republican? this looks bad for all trump supporters and conservatives.

2018-10-26 19:49:53 UTC  

What's the best site to get news?

2018-10-26 19:50:46 UTC  

Just up to the minute stuff I mean! Twitter?

2018-10-26 19:51:04 UTC  

Yes twitter honestly

2018-10-26 19:51:34 UTC  

This is seriously so bad, right before midterms. Greeeeeat. The dude sending those packages looks so mentally ill, too. This looks awful for Trump's base.

2018-10-26 19:51:46 UTC  

Nah he’s an Indian

2018-10-26 19:52:38 UTC  

Regardless. Registered republican with trump stickers on vehicle.

2018-10-26 19:52:47 UTC  

This sucks

2018-10-26 19:52:48 UTC  

Drudge Report, GLP is actually pretty good if you can sift through the crap.

2018-10-26 19:52:58 UTC  

Voice of Europe

2018-10-26 19:53:03 UTC  

For up to the minute stuff

2018-10-26 19:53:10 UTC  

Thank you, Nerv and Vince. Truly.

2018-10-26 19:53:23 UTC  

I think we should have an IE steam account that hordes CSGO skins and members pay their dues by sending a skin worth $10 to the account. Once every other month the IE account sells these skins to generate a large profit margin. Since knifes can go up and down in value along with most other skins. Imagine. Someone spending $10 on crates and receiving a $500 knife **bam** dues paid for 5 years. Then in another month the knife goes up in price due to its rarity, bam more money for IE. I know I’m a genius with 300 iq and basically am a walking Stephen Hawking.

2018-10-26 19:54:30 UTC  

@ChippedStones I like we can start doing activism by spraying IE posters with the spray tool in CSGO

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2018-10-26 19:55:00 UTC  

@MrDefault yeah bro basically this.

2018-10-26 19:55:08 UTC  

Confirmed 12 y/o.

2018-10-26 19:55:40 UTC  

I used to play CS like 15 years ago

2018-10-26 19:55:55 UTC  

I’m 8 actually *pushes up glasses and shuffles Yu-Gioh cards* @Felden - CO

2018-10-26 19:56:29 UTC  

The suspect is so light skinned in his mugshot. If he's lighter than a paper bag, then everyone/the media will just consider him 'white enough'

2018-10-26 19:56:57 UTC  

It’s gonna be hard to convince normies of a false flag or a different story in this case. I haven’t been on twitter so I haven’t seen anything that contradicts the official story credibly but go with “yeah it’s an insane, already previously violent Seminole MAGA boomer so they’re not aligned with us”

2018-10-26 19:57:11 UTC  

Yugioh was also my favorite card game but it was almost as expensive as magic

2018-10-26 19:57:15 UTC  

White passing is the term usually lol @Selma

2018-10-26 19:57:24 UTC  

Thank you Vince

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Gamers rise up @ChippedStones

2018-10-26 19:58:50 UTC  

Either way this is terrible for the right, right before midterms.

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It's more of a last ditch effort, shows how desperate they are