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2018-10-26 20:08:40 UTC  

All bad stories start with "Florida man..."

2018-10-26 20:08:43 UTC  

Supposedly part of the GOP even though he was a registered Democrat for years before that

2018-10-26 20:09:05 UTC  

This last ditch effort can easily be turned around back onto the MSM, a mixed race native man sent fake bombs to WH or ex WH officials.

2018-10-26 20:09:12 UTC  

I didn't know he was a registered Democrat years before

2018-10-26 20:09:21 UTC  

@Nerv - VA the boomer Q people have moved to Voat. They are getting a heavy helping of JQ redpilling.

2018-10-26 20:09:42 UTC  

That's what I heard, though I guess you can't totally trust everything out there right now

2018-10-26 20:11:58 UTC  

For this to be real, this guy would have to be a genius. Yet, he is clearly <85 IQ

2018-10-26 20:12:39 UTC  

Fingers crossed Limbaugh will continue to go hard on the false flag narrative

2018-10-26 20:13:57 UTC  

Hopefully this all gets debunked. This looks like a false flag or setup obviously, but I'm still concerned how the NPC media is going to spin this against trump

2018-10-26 20:14:17 UTC  

The devices are clearly fake.

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2018-10-26 20:15:33 UTC  

That's just a wrong insane clown story all around.

2018-10-26 20:16:39 UTC  

You can't accidentally get impregnated by a black man if you have babies the 'traditional' way.

2018-10-26 20:18:07 UTC  

Don't be a sh*tlord Steph. Some women aren't so eager to submit to the Patriarchy.

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2018-10-26 20:21:37 UTC  

Karma for going against nature?

2018-10-26 20:22:21 UTC  

How long did it take you guys for interviewers to tell you you were accepted?

2018-10-26 20:23:10 UTC  

One day

2018-10-26 20:23:19 UTC  

A couple days.

2018-10-26 20:23:33 UTC  

I have my 2nd interview scheduled for tomorrow

2018-10-26 20:23:46 UTC  

In the interview they said I passed and I was getting invited to the server

2018-10-26 20:25:21 UTC  


2018-10-26 20:25:40 UTC  

A Noldor Elven mother from Tirion is suing a dwarven sperm bank for impregnating her with the sperm of an uruk-hai orc by mistake.

2018-10-26 20:25:43 UTC  

I’m worried more of the guys I got to apply weren’t accepted <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-10-26 20:26:36 UTC  

@NateDahl76 department has been swamped with apps

2018-10-26 20:26:56 UTC  

I was just lucky I had my interviews on a Saturday.

2018-10-26 20:27:18 UTC  

Yeah I bet, and good to hear, but one of mine already had his and it’s the third day after @Valaska @Nemets

2018-10-26 20:28:02 UTC  

Regardless of the outcome the interviewer will always reach out and let them know

2018-10-26 20:29:15 UTC  

Alrighty, thanks

2018-10-26 20:29:45 UTC  

I know mine was pretty rushed

2018-10-26 20:29:55 UTC  

He said he had like 4 to finish that night

2018-10-26 20:29:59 UTC  

No, let's not assume 100% perfection. If there someone who wasn't responded to and it's been over a week, definitely let me know.

2018-10-26 20:30:58 UTC  

I think I know what you're referring to @StevePines -WA and that shouldn't be happening again.

2018-10-26 20:31:09 UTC  

It was all good tho

2018-10-26 20:31:33 UTC  

Not complaining at all, in fact the more people getting interviewed the better right?

2018-10-26 20:31:56 UTC  

Right, quality over quantity.

2018-10-26 20:32:11 UTC  

It still needs to be thorough.

2018-10-26 20:32:20 UTC  

Lol oops