Message from still brodie - CA in Nice Respectable People Group #general

2018-10-28 05:35:11 UTC  

How can you be "Idle" and "typing"?

2018-10-28 05:36:00 UTC  

Like, their fingers are going but they aren't there mentally?

2018-10-28 05:36:39 UTC  

He’s composing his manifesto.

2018-10-28 05:37:34 UTC  

"A spectre is haunting Evrope — the spectre of Identitarianism..."

2018-10-28 05:38:03 UTC  

I will say that it's like having a family ghost - a server ghost.

2018-10-28 05:38:15 UTC  

No matter how lonely this place gets, we'll have Koba.

2018-10-28 05:39:56 UTC  

Superior night owl genes.

2018-10-28 05:40:00 UTC  

Goodnight, Nemets!

2018-10-28 05:40:19 UTC  

We stay up until the west coast goes to bed, then the real party starts.

2018-10-28 05:43:22 UTC  

Real Westitarian hours who up?

2018-10-28 05:56:06 UTC  

I just drove for two hours and koba is still typing

2018-10-28 05:58:22 UTC  

i just drove for two hours and boy are my legs tires

2018-10-28 05:59:43 UTC  

My legs are also made out of tires

2018-10-28 06:07:52 UTC  


2018-10-28 06:15:30 UTC

2018-10-28 06:15:31 UTC  

what're we doing about this

2018-10-28 06:15:36 UTC  

It's p-bad

2018-10-28 06:19:35 UTC  

You may not like it, but this is what P E A K activism looks like

2018-10-28 06:21:26 UTC  

It's so B E A U T I F U L

2018-10-28 06:21:35 UTC  

I’m honored

2018-10-28 06:22:49 UTC  

@wayne peek step aside we got a new peak activism

2018-10-28 06:26:28 UTC  

That video calls for "Walkin' on the Sun" by Smashmouth

2018-10-28 06:28:22 UTC  

Hello comrades

2018-10-28 06:28:31 UTC  

Server looks comfy tonight

2018-10-28 06:31:14 UTC  

I'm surprised nobody is talking about trumps words I linked above

2018-10-28 06:35:27 UTC  

Koba's future comment in book form

2018-10-28 06:35:50 UTC  

Yeah, I can't say that I'm surprised, @Balgias. The enthusiasm is certainly troubling, both from Trump and the crowd.

2018-10-28 06:36:25 UTC  
2018-10-28 06:36:41 UTC  

It smells like a boomer wall-of-text nuke incomming

2018-10-28 06:36:57 UTC  

Typing for fifteen minutes to send "hi" is a classic Discord gag

2018-10-28 06:37:07 UTC  

On one hand: Lying fake media other hand: I love isreal

2018-10-28 06:37:13 UTC  

@Balgias not much to say on Trump I think. there was a shooting at a synagogue today, not sure what else to expect man

2018-10-28 06:39:12 UTC  

This is the only chess move.

2018-10-28 06:43:03 UTC  


2018-10-28 06:46:48 UTC  

That being said. IE should have an annual chess tournament (with custom IE trophy)

2018-10-28 06:49:51 UTC  

I know one of our <@&488531212437159936> was saying he likes to play chess

2018-10-28 06:50:24 UTC  

*Koba is typing*

2018-10-28 06:50:29 UTC  

I would love to sharpen up my chess skills

2018-10-28 06:50:43 UTC  

Truly a thinking European's game

2018-10-28 06:51:14 UTC  

@Koba Can we get teaser trailer for your comment, maybe a little hint what year it's coming out?