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2018-10-30 02:59:47 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Am I right in assuming I.E. has no official position on the Ukranian civil war and discussing it is probably a bad idea?

2018-10-30 03:00:13 UTC  

Which one

2018-10-30 03:00:22 UTC  

No more brother wars

2018-10-30 03:00:47 UTC  

Tragic, agreed.

2018-10-30 03:00:51 UTC  

What Matt is trying to say is Guillame Faye and Martin Sellner personally work for Patrick Casey as junior partners under the Putin-Trump-Casey Triumvirate

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Have a good workout @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-10-30 03:03:41 UTC  

Night Gym is the best Gym

2018-10-30 03:03:58 UTC  

hop in general if you guys want to

2018-10-30 03:04:12 UTC  

@TheGibbonGuy I got home from school too late and I didn't want to compete for squat rack from 4-9pm. <:avtism:359037377919844352>

2018-10-30 03:04:54 UTC  

Who's the coordinator for North Texas?

2018-10-30 03:08:37 UTC  

Do we have any demonstrations planned for the southern border in wake of the Caravans?

2018-10-30 03:09:23 UTC  

there will be 10k troops down there, probably not a great idea

2018-10-30 03:09:30 UTC  

DTR is coming up anyway

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@NateDahl76 This is true. I'm sure the climate down there is extremely tense right now

2018-10-30 03:10:45 UTC  

When the Saxon begins to vote

2018-10-30 03:10:49 UTC  

When are they supposed to reach the border?

2018-10-30 03:11:14 UTC  

Did anyone listen to the last TDS?

2018-10-30 03:11:56 UTC  

A lot are taking vehicles up, so they'll probably be arriving in waves rather than one huge group

2018-10-30 03:12:15 UTC  

We should organize a caravan from South Africa for whites if these people get through

2018-10-30 03:13:30 UTC  

What we should do is throw them in jail and colonize their countries now that they are empty of fighting age men.

2018-10-30 03:15:42 UTC  

2D Waifus are <:avtism:359037377919844352> @FACINEMA

2018-10-30 03:16:22 UTC  

4d waifus are the best

2018-10-30 03:17:31 UTC  

Do we want to accept people who go to comicon though

2018-10-30 03:20:53 UTC  

Yes. They can cosplay as medieval or nordic characters and draw attention to our plight.

2018-10-30 03:21:47 UTC  

Any of you Jersey boys seen what's going on at Seton Hall University

2018-10-30 03:21:56 UTC  

What's going on in chat?

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coo stuff youre not privvy too

2018-10-30 03:22:26 UTC  

Oh, I see. So. . Autism

2018-10-30 03:22:42 UTC  

Autism = BOY STUFF

2018-10-30 03:22:45 UTC  

@The Morrígan I think they were talking about making movies

2018-10-30 03:22:57 UTC  

I'm afraid I'd hardly let anyone in if I became interviewer

2018-10-30 03:23:01 UTC  

different types of video editing software

2018-10-30 03:23:04 UTC  

Film noir hour?

2018-10-30 03:23:12 UTC  

Oh nerds.

2018-10-30 03:23:32 UTC  

Yeah, in a super hypothetical world if I were an interviewer, I'd be extremely physiognophobic.