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no what?

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it’s weird, though, I have 8 Chinese great-grandparents, but Chinamen mistake me for half-White all the time

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pretty proud to be Chinese, though, not gonna cuck

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and Chinese American women who learn Korean because of their bfs but suck at Chinese (or can’t speak it at all) are race traitors

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When liberals say race is a social construct, they're technically correct. There is a significant amount of biodiversity among different human populations divided among ethnic lines. The concept of race unfortunately tries to pigeonhole certain ones together based off one trait, skin color. Race is arbitrary. It is a social construct. But ethnicity is eminently scientific. Most idiots, however, can't even comprehend he difference.

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ethnically, I’m Cantonese

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genetically, I’m a lot more Nordsinid than a lot of Cantos

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(and I might be 1/32 Tocharian or something)

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(because I have reddish facial hair)

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Racial categorization in the US are totally fucked now, anyway. North African and Middle Easterners are considered "white" by our census-takers, which renders the term almost useless.

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we also don’t marry the Hakka, who are also Chinese

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yeah, by that measure, I’m White

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We need to switch to a system which categorizes people by ethnicity instead of race.

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used to

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I mean

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people used to be listed as Mexicans or Chinamen or wahtever

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but then

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are White American and Black American the ethnic identities you want to list?

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is Southerner a thing?

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spread this

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I think it is

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ethno state when

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but then it does get complicated

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What are the chances of china's gov collapsing within the decade?

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ethnically, White and Negro Southerners are pretty similar

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no plausible i think

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not gonna happen

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nor do you want it to

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That being said, "white" people do have their own unique culture. Originally "White" referred just to Anglos, but the term expanded as other European groups blended in to the original group, until it eventually became a catch-all term for any fair-skinned person of European descent.