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2018-11-01 22:29:13 UTC  

@Sam Anderson it was a real interesting conversation. What triggered my conversation with the gal today was actually a conversation I had with a guy the previous day she heard about. There is a Mormon guy at work talking about the shootings on the news and all the strife going on in society. He mentioned how he got his concealed carry, an atheist made a derogatory comment about how guns arnt the answer. So I continued the conversation with the Mormon along about how tension and violence in society is escalating. "Back in the day when the Mormons were living in a hostile environment they left to Utah to establish a community of like minded people where they could live their lives in peace, without oppressing or being oppressed. It was like a relief valve, one we don't currently have the option of. There are people like me who want guns everywhere and if I get in power those that fear guns will be oppressed. The opposite is true, if those that fear guns gain power then I will be oppressed, people need to have a place to establish their own communities." At this point the atheist who had been in a different room stormed in and started red faced ranting about the evils of guns. He had heard only a tiny bit and had gotten triggered. Well the room (maybe 8 people) put the atheist in his place while I sat quietly by. The next day the gal I referenced came to me. She had heard the story about what had happened the previous day and wanted to talk to me about it, and what my viewpoints were. Longer story a little shorter I walked her through the right of all people to have a place to live their beliefs unoppressed, and that we should have freedom of association and an end to all immigration.

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The only non-pozed military units are special ops.

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whoah wall of text

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Too much lol

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Boomer posting

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@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL yeah I see it has the word gun in it but I can't read it all to understand if its good optics or bad optics, but I trust @MrBland - VA

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nice redpilling

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@R O M A N V S it hasn't aired yet, just in general I'm saying people should check it out to see what the majority of voters are thinking

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@Trashboat if the Air Force investigated everyone with a security clearance for ties to the nationalists they would spend tens of millions more annually. With the AF inflated budget that is probably possible lol.

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I just made a phonecall for Josh Hawley's campaign. The woman who answered the phone said, "please stop pestering us with these political calls. You're alienating people who would otherwise vote for your candidate." I wonder if she's right.

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@MrBland - VA interesting story. Was this at work? Bc thats risky business right there man.

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I wish I lived in a swing state and could knock on doors. The swing districts in my state are all at least an hour away.

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Ya, I can't keep my mouth shut. Gets me in trouble sometimes. I am careful to stay within company ethics guidelines and know the employee handbook like the back of my hand lol

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Nicee. Yeah I mean if your work is getting politically heated with that many people participating, it would be easy for HR to get involved. Now as far as singling somebody out... that would be interesting.

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@Hakujin - CA wait. You called a political candidate, and they asked you to stop being political?

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No he called on behalf

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@Felden - CO I'm phonebanking for a candidate. The lady who picked up was exasperated.

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@Hakujin - CA I don't think so, her logic isn't sound

2018-11-01 22:45:26 UTC  

who would say "I was going to vote for X but he called me for support so many times, so I won't vote for him!"

2018-11-01 22:45:47 UTC  

Ohhh. That’s still weird.

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I wonder if they know Obama is half white

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@ThisIsChris wamin logic. She's punishing him by withholding her vote.

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@Logan Are you still doorknocking for Rosendale?

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@Hakujin - CA yes he is. Just did some now, and saw 7 wild turkeys in a suburban front yard

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Gotta love the Rockies.

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@ThisIsChris That's not the first time I've heard that said

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@Trashboat You mean people withhold their votes based on getting too many calls?

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I've heard people say that many times

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Might be just a midwest thing idk

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I'm sorry Missouri.

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I've made 200 calls to that state.

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Putting in work atleast

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Might move you up on the chain

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At the very least

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@Trashboat Me personally?

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@Trashboat How so?

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I assume just doing volunteer work and doing it with some amount of frequency would allow you to be remembered by people above and so on so forth