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2017-06-30 02:35:20 UTC  


2017-06-30 02:35:26 UTC  

they are the crossfit of the rightwing

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2017-06-30 02:35:59 UTC  

Do you think America will devolve into two extreme side, like in civil war Spain?

2017-06-30 02:36:07 UTC  

A question i've heard passed around a few times.

2017-06-30 02:36:20 UTC  

i think what would happen is t_d would be the imperial guard

2017-06-30 02:36:37 UTC  

astartes is pol though, without a single doubt

2017-06-30 02:37:10 UTC  

t_d would bring their marxism into their ranks and pretend it doesnt exist till it backfires

2017-06-30 02:37:47 UTC  

So, as of right now, do you feel as if it were be better for us to Ally with the alt-lite?

2017-06-30 02:38:00 UTC  

Or further our separation with them?

2017-06-30 02:38:02 UTC  

I would help the alt lite

2017-06-30 02:38:04 UTC  

into the gas chamber

2017-06-30 02:38:10 UTC  

Oy Vey

2017-06-30 02:38:16 UTC  

would u waifu her?

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2017-06-30 02:39:09 UTC  

I paused it at :31 seconds

2017-06-30 02:39:18 UTC  

I have a bad feeling some fucked up shit is gonna happen

2017-06-30 02:39:26 UTC  

Why you do that senpai

2017-06-30 02:40:16 UTC  

I'm paused at :31, and I hovered over the vid bar, n a few secs ahead I like see red shit on the chicks face. Fuck is this shit

2017-06-30 02:41:09 UTC  

Nvm, sorry. Just paranoid.

2017-06-30 02:41:33 UTC  

Wouldn't wife.

2017-06-30 02:42:22 UTC  

@Finesse Today is probably the last chance you have to get vetted before you are kicked, so what is it going to be?

2017-06-30 02:45:03 UTC  

we need to meme furry jewish black nationalism

2017-06-30 02:47:24 UTC  

Furries should unironically be gased.

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2017-06-30 02:51:27 UTC  

They're band name's acronym is JEW, coincidence?

2017-06-30 02:51:31 UTC  

"you thought i wuz a lamp warmer"

2017-06-30 02:51:32 UTC  

I think not

2017-06-30 02:52:00 UTC  

jimmy eat world wut

2017-06-30 02:52:07 UTC  

what level of irony is this?

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2017-06-30 02:55:32 UTC  

These normies and their 3D bimbos want to encroach to our realm

2017-06-30 02:57:23 UTC  

What is that.

2017-06-30 02:57:33 UTC  

Never played it before.