Message from Rick in Nice Respectable People Group #general

2018-11-06 03:58:39 UTC  

Get on that New California grind

2018-11-06 03:58:42 UTC  

Probably but I’ll still play the crap out of it with Friends

2018-11-06 03:58:54 UTC  

i won't give a crap game my money

2018-11-06 03:59:04 UTC  

RDR2 deserves EVERYONE'S money though.

2018-11-06 03:59:22 UTC  

Cant wait to play it

2018-11-06 03:59:30 UTC  

It's awesome.

2018-11-06 03:59:33 UTC  

@DTMax is it worth downloading? New California I mean

2018-11-06 03:59:48 UTC  

I still haven't beaten the first RDR.

2018-11-06 03:59:50 UTC  

I watched a bit of gameplay from New California, looked cool.

2018-11-06 03:59:57 UTC  

@Logan Haven't played much of it, only a few hours

2018-11-06 03:59:58 UTC  

Dude...someone is injured at the rally...REPORT WHATS HAPPENING MO BROS

2018-11-06 03:59:58 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Isn't RDR2 getting a lot of flak from nationalists for being super gay?

2018-11-06 04:00:17 UTC  

If its super gay, I guess I haven't played the game that way...

2018-11-06 04:00:29 UTC  

@Freiheit - CA injured how? Link?

2018-11-06 04:00:38 UTC  

I dunno

2018-11-06 04:00:43 UTC  

It's livestream

2018-11-06 04:01:23 UTC  

@Evan Thomas Agreed, and when civic "nationalism" inevitably fails, the stage will be set for a conversation about *actual* identity and *actual* nationalism.

2018-11-06 04:01:24 UTC  

Trump just gave the thumbs up

2018-11-06 04:01:26 UTC  

carry on

2018-11-06 04:01:59 UTC  

Watching it on fb. some doctor is walking up to DJT or something.

2018-11-06 04:02:04 UTC  


2018-11-06 04:02:36 UTC  

Any of y'all build PC's around here

2018-11-06 04:02:42 UTC  

I built mine.

2018-11-06 04:02:58 UTC  

I'm in the process of building one right now searching for parts is a pain though

2018-11-06 04:03:03 UTC  

I learned to solder to fix mine, that's about it

2018-11-06 04:03:15 UTC  

yeah i took a bit researching. building it is actually the easy part

2018-11-06 04:03:43 UTC  

I have a SEGA Game Gear and a Saturn to fix, too. Soldering is to electronics as turning a wrench is to vehicles

2018-11-06 04:04:50 UTC  

mine is pretty beast. i7 8700k, 24GB RAM, 6GB VRAM ( it free from a friend didn't feel like paying for a 1080ti), 9TB RAID0 drives.

2018-11-06 04:04:57 UTC  


2018-11-06 04:05:08 UTC  

I'm looking to get an 8700k

2018-11-06 04:05:17 UTC  

Is yours OCd?

2018-11-06 04:05:25 UTC  

i do video editing and motion graphics, so i threw a decent amount at the machine so it lasts

2018-11-06 04:05:43 UTC  

nah, i tried OC and it just gets unstable (at least when gaming)

2018-11-06 04:05:50 UTC  

Hmm alright

2018-11-06 04:06:08 UTC  

I might go with the 2700x because its a little cheaper with essentially the same performance

2018-11-06 04:06:19 UTC  

im sure i could have played with it for a while to tweak, but didn't care enough and its pretty fast already, so i left it alone after crashing a few times

2018-11-06 04:06:44 UTC  

I really want a 1080ti but the prices are insane

2018-11-06 04:06:56 UTC  

Might just wait around and get a good deal on a 2070

2018-11-06 04:07:02 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD I agree. Ethnic based nationalism won't be important to someone if they don't care about nationalism in a civic sense first. If you don't even care about your country, you can't care about anything deeper.

2018-11-06 04:07:17 UTC  

@DTMax yeah, i'd just get a 2070 if you were thinking 1080ti, at least with the 2070 you'll get some of the new goodies once games support them.