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2018-11-06 05:14:07 UTC  

We might want to be careful with this discussion (<#405211244023382016>)

2018-11-06 05:14:25 UTC  

my impression is that Austria is safer than many countries

2018-11-06 05:14:32 UTC  

I guess it's not "gun posting".

2018-11-06 05:14:35 UTC  

Yeah I remember seeing that the overwhelming majority of people killed know their murderer, which is one of the reasons serial killers are so hard to find

2018-11-06 05:14:37 UTC  

I agree, it would be expected, but I don't know how it actually plays out

2018-11-06 05:14:38 UTC  

Lord, make me an instrument of your will. Where there is injustice against my people may I bring right. Where there is error may I bring truth. Where my people despair may I bring hope. Grant that I may comfort my people rather than to be comforted - to serve them rather than to be served. For it is by putting the needs of my people before my own that I may best serve to secure the existence of my race and a future for White children. Good night, and peace be with you.

2018-11-06 05:15:09 UTC  

going to a “german” beer festival this weekend. im sure it will be fun enough, but thinking about what it actually IS is giving me a melancholy feeling. one of the last public expressions of european culture and it’s basically an drunken amusement park

2018-11-06 05:15:15 UTC  

@VinceChaos Austria *used to be* safe, before it was "enriched".

2018-11-06 05:15:46 UTC  

How so?

2018-11-06 05:15:56 UTC  

@Nemets You'd think that'd be true for normal homicides, though

2018-11-06 05:16:15 UTC  

@Thugged Out Pissed Off That is a product of capitalism. Exploit any and everything to some corporate gain. Ugh, I sound like a lefty...

2018-11-06 05:16:39 UTC  

I'm totally for capitalism/free market, btw...but it can be exploitative and destructive to culture.

2018-11-06 05:17:31 UTC  

It's also plausible it's genetic in that the most impulsive passionate Europeans decided to move across the world to a savage continent

2018-11-06 05:17:33 UTC  

I suppose, but you normally wouldn't take many pictures with people you don't know

2018-11-06 05:17:43 UTC  

My love of capitalism is waning. Haven't mentally replaced it, but the whole KFC, Coca-Cola, McDonalds worldwide. FANG tech companies, etc

2018-11-06 05:17:50 UTC  

last year i couldnt count how many drunkass mexicans i saw wearing the lederhosen

2018-11-06 05:18:02 UTC  

feels bad man

2018-11-06 05:18:11 UTC  

Mexicans in lederhosen lmao

2018-11-06 05:18:19 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD totally with you. Capitalism is the best system we have even with some of Marx's legitimate criticisms. it cheapens things that ought not to be cheapened. Tinder and love is an obvious one too

2018-11-06 05:18:32 UTC  

@Ald There was also 2 giant wars that cost Europe it's fighting stock

2018-11-06 05:18:44 UTC  

new Germans tm

2018-11-06 05:19:05 UTC  

the mexican music inspired by the germans is really grotesque

2018-11-06 05:19:12 UTC  

they RUINED the accordian FOREVER

2018-11-06 05:19:21 UTC  

Capitalism only works when we don't allow monopolies and we're failing at that right now

2018-11-06 05:19:22 UTC  

it sounds like CLOWN MUSIC

2018-11-06 05:19:37 UTC  

idk what to do about those faults in capitalism without a huge cultural shift tho........incentives for that not to happen? idk im not versed in that kind of thing

2018-11-06 05:19:47 UTC  

capitalism is fine, but it needs to be controlled like the chaotic force it is

2018-11-06 05:20:14 UTC  

@Thugged Out Pissed Off i cant be the only one who has asked this, but who is your avi?

2018-11-06 05:20:32 UTC  

Culture decides the market. The culture chose degeneracy when offered, thus the degenerate brands and items succeed (grindr, tinder, whatever)

2018-11-06 05:20:36 UTC  

yeah i don't know how to fix it, but we are quickly heading into a world of megacorps basically running our countries.

2018-11-06 05:20:40 UTC  

if we aren't their already.

2018-11-06 05:20:52 UTC  

during the egyptian riots a bunch of the people had hilarious improvised helmets, there’s a great gallery on imgur somewhere

2018-11-06 05:21:00 UTC  

Facebook has a "war room", Twitter censors political speech they dont agree with, etc.

2018-11-06 05:21:01 UTC  

@Nemets well, atleast he's practicing his culture and not bastardizing ours

2018-11-06 05:21:03 UTC  

or rather, degenerate services succeed in a culturally degenerate capitalist society

2018-11-06 05:21:45 UTC  

Small scale capitalism regarding small businesses and transactions between private citizens is perfectly fine, but mega-corporations are antithetical to a capitalist economy, therefore we should be more socialist when dealing with them.

2018-11-06 05:21:45 UTC  

creative destruction can be a good thing, but it’s still destruction

2018-11-06 05:21:53 UTC  

Hustler and other companies influenced our interpretation of free speech

2018-11-06 05:22:00 UTC  

and what you destroy you can almost never get back

2018-11-06 05:22:22 UTC  

Porn = free speech
Verbal disagreement = violence

2018-11-06 05:22:35 UTC  

Profit ???