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2018-11-07 02:25:52 UTC  

Stop blackpilling you wimps.

2018-11-07 02:25:56 UTC  

Trump has to win the entire Midwest and rust belt (sans IL) to make up for florida

2018-11-07 02:26:03 UTC  

Can always be reversed.

2018-11-07 02:26:19 UTC  

Vance Jones is so mad

2018-11-07 02:26:31 UTC  

birthright citizenship can be revoked. lots can happen.

2018-11-07 02:26:31 UTC  

@Papa Pizzagate acknowledgement of the reality that 1.5 million democratic voters that now have the right to vote next election isn't a blackpill lol

2018-11-07 02:26:44 UTC  

it's just a fact

2018-11-07 02:27:02 UTC  

I racked up 300,000 reddit karma in 5 months shit posting against the left. My ancestors smile down on me

2018-11-07 02:27:02 UTC  

If it's been allowed, it can be revoked.

2018-11-07 02:27:20 UTC  

Brat is less than 500 behind with 94% in, from what Google says

2018-11-07 02:27:22 UTC  

@bspon002 heck yeah, my dude.

2018-11-07 02:27:32 UTC  

who is this brat character?

2018-11-07 02:27:32 UTC  

I mean same with mass deportations of the 22 million illegals, but how likely is the reversal of that decision?

2018-11-07 02:27:39 UTC  

Hey man don’t bad talk Florida Man @Nemets he can vote in FL now

2018-11-07 02:27:46 UTC  

both could "theoretically" happen

2018-11-07 02:27:51 UTC  

Florida Man is an American patriot

2018-11-07 02:28:17 UTC  

Florida man today jumped into a pond, got bit by an alligator, got out, and jumped back in

2018-11-07 02:28:19 UTC  

Most felons in florida are white rednecks who got arrested for wrestling alligators in the street while drunk.

2018-11-07 02:28:27 UTC  

Play nice boys πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

2018-11-07 02:28:31 UTC  

Nothing to worry about!

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Nate Silver right now

2018-11-07 02:29:58 UTC  

Florida is pretty much done, and that's coming from superstitious me

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2018-11-07 02:30:31 UTC

as far as I can tell, it appears it's an even split between Whites and Blacks that are felons in Florida

2018-11-07 02:30:46 UTC  

with blacks actually edging out Whites in recent years

2018-11-07 02:30:52 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN Per capita?

2018-11-07 02:30:57 UTC  

raw numbers

2018-11-07 02:31:04 UTC  

gotcha, figured

2018-11-07 02:31:06 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN I was joking, of course, but it feels good to be vindicated

2018-11-07 02:31:32 UTC  

wtf is going on with Pennsylvania house districts

2018-11-07 02:31:44 UTC  

@ThisIsChris yeah if we project those numbers out onto the 1.5 million felons that just got voting rights back, FL is in for a bad time in 2 years

2018-11-07 02:32:05 UTC  

I can't believe that Te$ashi 6ix9ine just won his senate seat!

2018-11-07 02:32:23 UTC  

@NateDahl76 What do you mean

2018-11-07 02:32:25 UTC  

DeSantis/Gillium race should've never been this close.

2018-11-07 02:32:33 UTC  

Dems doing well in PA rn

2018-11-07 02:32:43 UTC  

as was expected

2018-11-07 02:32:50 UTC  

Lou was gonna get rekt