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That's true.

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Interviewers should start signing people up for Mercury

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We need to unite like Voltron. Monochrome Voltron.

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Not too bad @Bogl - CA

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@JohnAtlas sort of. i think in his latest podcast he mentions it a little. he said yeah there is a jewish role in bringing in migrants

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@Hakujin - CA because the JQ isn't a necessity for becoming Identitariam. An Identitarian knows that his people are separate from other people, not necessarily the intricacies of those other groups

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@Zilna Jestov - Your name looks good in that official member color.

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“I’m a Nationalist”

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Nothing wrong with us Nationalist

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@ThisIsChris - That's gorgeous.

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@Selma Thank you. You too.

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We should make a *principled* exception for the Hodge Twins

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I’m an “American” nationalist

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There are republicans who want to deport millions of (brown) illegal immigrants. They may still be civnat, but I'd rather see them in power than neocons or liberals

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@VinceChaos That’s good to hear

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@R O M A N V S hell yeah

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Where did that "strain of individualism" come from?

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More effective to assimilate to the way of normie existence to exert influence and understand the mentality of our fallen brethren.

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We need a banking system

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@Ryonne Controversial question!

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Greetings fellow Subway Powerade enthusiasts, it’s is I, you’re one and only model Identity Europa member.

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Identitarians come in many shapes and forms

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Just saying that this entire concept of America being a country built on individualism didn't exist until the 1960s.

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You know what would be cool? An app that sells phone screensavers. Have it put it directly on their home screen or whatever and not save it to photos

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@R O M A N V S what about Elliot?

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Jews etc.

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Hodge Twins are unironically woke

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MAGA is a Trojan horse for [white] identitarian nationalism

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Goldman Sux

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Hodge Twins are proof that lifting BREAKS THE CONDITIONING.

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Elliot is a bit too short for entry @John O -

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in minecraft