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2018-11-08 02:09:21 UTC  

@JohnAtlas minecraft recruiting was a thing

2018-11-08 02:09:28 UTC  

the meetup app has republican meetup groups

2018-11-08 02:09:30 UTC  

@Gimlet Who is going to be our director of autism outreach?

2018-11-08 02:09:31 UTC  

Stefan when counter signaling against us strawmans the worst most wignat argument. but then he talks about demos and white birthrates

2018-11-08 02:09:33 UTC  

Based Hapa gfs as a cover?

2018-11-08 02:09:41 UTC  

I love black people who take after Marcus Garvey

2018-11-08 02:09:42 UTC  

Influence the culture of you local community, if not the politics

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/our/ girl

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oh gwaawd

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That's good

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I still have my blockbuster card can i exchange it for identity evropa points

2018-11-08 02:10:37 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Should I run for 'gov?

2018-11-08 02:10:37 UTC  

@Selma yes

2018-11-08 02:10:41 UTC  

Look at me, we are the tactical nihilists now

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Ohh yeah who suggested buying all the crashed blockbuster stocks and using it to disseminate red pill media?

2018-11-08 02:11:05 UTC  

The confirmation email hasn't come

2018-11-08 02:11:06 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Going through with the IE Blockbuster buyout is an absolutely fundamental part of our 2019 strategy

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@Mikolas VHS recordings of Ethnarch Deep Dives

2018-11-08 02:11:23 UTC  

In civnat circles women can get away with more racial talking points than men can <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-11-08 02:11:30 UTC  

The mission is to put Patrick in the White House unironically

2018-11-08 02:11:36 UTC  

Women can get away with more in general smh

2018-11-08 02:11:37 UTC  

Cernovich is a Hebrew with a brown wife...

2018-11-08 02:11:41 UTC  

use your wamin powers @missliterallywho

2018-11-08 02:11:43 UTC  

Women sometimes have to be a little more extweem to be noticed.

2018-11-08 02:11:46 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff what do you think about trying to point out double standards like how whites can’t have their own groups and institutions?

2018-11-08 02:12:00 UTC  

@Freiheit - CA Thernovich?

2018-11-08 02:12:02 UTC  

@missliterallywho So you're saying I should transition?

2018-11-08 02:12:08 UTC  

Turner diaries is a massive larp

2018-11-08 02:12:13 UTC  

respek wahmin

2018-11-08 02:12:20 UTC  

@Jacob that's exactly what @missliterallywho was saying'

2018-11-08 02:12:25 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff I am on the same page as long as my catgirls are allowed in the ethnostate at the end. ;)

2018-11-08 02:12:26 UTC  

White man is always the most scrutinized; when is it my turn to run up and then discard FBI crime statistics