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bass guiter master race

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Cool it with anti bassist remarks

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@Nemets 50% globalist.

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bass is boring unless prog metal bass

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👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

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Triarii is fantastic

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You're gonna have to spell that band name chief

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@Reinhard Wolff If we are talking about music tonight, what are your thoughts on the huwitest music; bluegrass?

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Triarii is why I'm in IE

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Martial industrial! Not many are keen to its glorious sound. I'm impressed. @Reinhard Wolff

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Welcome pledges

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Anyone got the meme of Patrick as Sidious overseeing the Clone Troopers?

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Welcome <@&488531212437159936> 💪🏻

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Upstaged by Chris again

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Bassist are always in high demand because most go for guitar because it is so much cooler. Try starting a band you'll find one bassist and half a drummer for every 10 guitar player

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I actually flipped 4 people to conservative this year. Local school issues are a great way to steer people to the right. Also justifying immigration reductions for environmental reasons had traction with others.

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@Reinhard Wolff To answer the federal vs local party question, I suggest getting involved in local party meetings and matters like volunteering for state rep and state senate primaries and elections. You have more influence in a smaller area than you would statewide, even as a lowly door-knocker.

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@Dale Wyte - 4 PEOPLE?! Nice job

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@R O M A N V S wow frick that Chris guy!

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all most done with purple phase 😄

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@Reinhard Wolff how does the NRA do law suits? Obviously they don’t have to give up info on members or anything for discovery.

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bretherin, if you are looking for some excellent Martial Industrial try Arditi

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Anyone who comes across them has to sign an NDA

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Let's hear it

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Patrick vs Sven guitar battle, lets go.

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What are those overall things that were a meme a year ago

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Where are the corpse paint pics

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Pledges will be subject to a trust test:

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demos used to cost a LOT of money

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Lets hear some

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12 strings

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studio time is pricy