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2018-05-26 19:45:58 UTC  

@shinjitsu After WW2 Britain was destroyed, our leaders Such as Atleevand Churchill-evil men- allowed you take that status because of Jewish backing and bribery as your loans were keeping our economy afloat

2018-05-26 19:46:52 UTC  

Maybe if your "empire" was so easily influenced by funny nosed men in hats it was too weak to continue on lmao

2018-05-26 19:46:54 UTC  

the real question is why all european leaders are childless. Thats actually bizarre

2018-05-26 19:47:01 UTC  

cuz they gay

2018-05-26 19:47:31 UTC  

they only diddle kids they don't create them

2018-05-26 19:47:45 UTC  

Bc homosexuality seems to be the last stand of implicit white identity

2018-05-26 19:48:05 UTC  

it is hilarious that euro fags will argue jews made america

2018-05-26 19:48:10 UTC  

@RetardO ExtremeO But your republic is influenced by those same funny men as well as Arabs and pretty much any lobby with serious cash

2018-05-26 19:48:20 UTC  

imagine being so sad that you got fucked by settlers moving across an entire ocean because your homosexual form of government is just that bad

2018-05-26 19:48:25 UTC  

European leaders: childless
American leaders: has children
this is evidence that europe is top gay

2018-05-26 19:48:50 UTC  

eu fags will always have disdain towards american values/customs because they realize that we are just better than them

2018-05-26 19:48:52 UTC  

to be fair didn't say Jews made America just that at the fall of the British Empire they inherited International Jewrys influence

2018-05-26 19:48:54 UTC  

in every single way imaginable

2018-05-26 19:49:14 UTC  

Anglos didn't make the US great

2018-05-26 19:49:16 UTC  

Americans did

2018-05-26 19:49:23 UTC  


2018-05-26 19:49:26 UTC  

not saying they didn't

2018-05-26 19:49:41 UTC  

All the cool kids left for America so england was left with a bunch of nerds

2018-05-26 19:50:20 UTC  

Tbh, I dont think jews made america, i think freemasons made america which is worse

2018-05-26 19:50:36 UTC  

the eternal anglo must be stopped at every turn. The American Revolution was the best thing to ever happen to America

2018-05-26 19:50:40 UTC  


2018-05-26 19:50:51 UTC  

Free Masons is just a Jewish occult group

2018-05-26 19:50:57 UTC  

The american rev was the best thing for the world

2018-05-26 19:51:30 UTC  

in the long run no

2018-05-26 19:51:36 UTC  

best thing for America

2018-05-26 19:51:42 UTC  

the world no

2018-05-26 19:51:51 UTC  

whats best for america is best for the world

2018-05-26 19:51:53 UTC  

the world gay

2018-05-26 19:52:16 UTC  

@shinjitsu that is what Jews say about Israel

2018-05-26 19:52:31 UTC  

theyre wrong we're right

2018-05-26 19:52:34 UTC  

how is that hard to understand

2018-05-26 19:52:38 UTC  

no you' re both wrong

2018-05-26 19:52:42 UTC  

The english and french colonial Empire is the worst thing that happened for the World

2018-05-26 19:52:46 UTC  

you can't even spell you're

2018-05-26 19:53:12 UTC  

imperialism good

2018-05-26 19:53:40 UTC  


2018-05-26 19:53:43 UTC  

the lion fears the eagle

2018-05-26 19:53:56 UTC  

No they weren't the nigs can't run things once the whites left the whole thing fell to shit and they started coming to the west

2018-05-26 19:54:58 UTC  

The Anglo tried to force taxes and licenses in 1776. The Anglo tried to take our property in 1812. The Anglo cucked the Irish and Scots, subverted French nationalism, and destroyed Germany. The Jew meme is a distraction from the 🍵 them 🍵

2018-05-26 19:55:45 UTC  

The Anglo just did what America does now

2018-05-26 19:55:56 UTC  

It is true that the anglo is basically the white jew