Message from gambler joe in Anticom #general

2017-04-16 13:15:05 UTC  

jk if you can't outshoot the sheriff then there is no hope for you

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2017-04-16 13:15:58 UTC  

Deer, hogs, coyote, elk, coyotes, hogs, coyotes, coyotes, coyotes

2017-04-16 13:16:05 UTC  

I fucking hate coyotes

2017-04-16 13:16:07 UTC  

Fuck them

2017-04-16 13:16:15 UTC  

have you ever spotlight a deer

2017-04-16 13:16:17 UTC  

I hope to get some gun and hunt at some point

2017-04-16 13:16:29 UTC  

shut the fuck up joe you said you'd never shot a gun

2017-04-16 13:16:29 UTC  

Fuck you mean spotlight

2017-04-16 13:17:06 UTC  

I killed a deer with a sharp pointed flying stick once

2017-04-16 13:17:14 UTC  

Yaaay bows

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2017-04-16 13:17:19 UTC  

at night you shine a spotlight at the forest and you see deer eyes glow

2017-04-16 13:17:55 UTC  

man I remember the first time I shot a gun it was a 22. glock, it was a lot heavier than it looked, and I remember after shooting it and feeling the gun kick and the powder burn and the warm casing flying out. It was a huge rush but I also thought about how serious it is how it can horibly fuck someone up or kill them. I cant imagine using it against another person, thats fucked that your talking about waging civil war so casually.

2017-04-16 13:18:01 UTC  

What a great way to make sure every animal suitable as game meat never ever goes near there again

2017-04-16 13:18:41 UTC  

joe I'll hunt for you with my spotlight in this civil war. bb

2017-04-16 13:18:52 UTC  

watch for your glowing eyes in the night

2017-04-16 13:19:03 UTC  

commies eyes glow in the dark you know

2017-04-16 13:19:11 UTC  

and they of course never drink water

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2017-04-16 13:20:08 UTC  

when i was growing up we beat up homeless people

2017-04-16 13:20:23 UTC  

Did he just nail a STALKER reference

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2017-04-16 13:22:17 UTC  

no really me and my brothers and friends beat up homeless people

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2017-04-16 13:22:44 UTC  

The fuck

2017-04-16 13:22:48 UTC  

we was punk ass kids

2017-04-16 13:23:06 UTC  

The homeless people around here would fucking stab you

2017-04-16 13:23:19 UTC  

I mean they're cool

2017-04-16 13:23:27 UTC  

But if you just tried to fuck with them you'd probably die

2017-04-16 13:23:50 UTC  

I know a few around here, they're ironically pretty respectable people

2017-04-16 13:23:54 UTC  

though they're not too bright

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2017-04-16 13:24:29 UTC  

one try to stab a friend and my brother hit the homeless guy in the head with batteries

2017-04-16 13:24:49 UTC  

homeless people in Romania were pretty scary, most of them were Gypsies or huffing paint thinner

2017-04-16 13:24:51 UTC  

or both

2017-04-16 13:25:07 UTC  

I had a spit bottle full of dirt, spit and other shit that I found around my bedroom

2017-04-16 13:25:13 UTC  

the thing had grown mold in it