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2018-11-10 17:43:37 UTC  

Thank you. Thanks for having me.

2018-11-10 17:43:48 UTC  

Welcome @Josh M. -OH !

2018-11-10 17:44:10 UTC  

I always like asking new people what made them join, care to share @Josh M. -OH

2018-11-10 17:44:22 UTC  

Yes, that catches my curiosity too.

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2018-11-10 17:44:54 UTC  

Yes, Alex, I've seen you around a teensy bit longer than Josh, but I extend you the same welcome!

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2018-11-10 17:45:36 UTC  

I’ll be at one week tomorrow.

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2018-11-10 17:46:25 UTC  

The pledge program is great. Having the orientation is a good thing that was a long time coming. It's been going on for new entrants for a little over 2 months now.

2018-11-10 17:46:46 UTC  

For a long time I've sat back and watched in horror and disgust as our country and the world slowly turned to crap. I decided to be proactive in changing that. Another member helped pushed me here specifically.

2018-11-10 17:47:04 UTC  

Hell yeah

2018-11-10 17:47:38 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH awesome, have you read <#371705962224025610> ? There are our big picture ideas for how we're going to accomplish that in there.

2018-11-10 17:47:46 UTC  

@Selma Is that a LOTGH reference?

2018-11-10 17:47:49 UTC  

IE is pushing change in a way that I agree with.

2018-11-10 17:47:51 UTC  

Yes, Jacob.

2018-11-10 17:48:08 UTC  

What’s lotgh?

2018-11-10 17:48:14 UTC  

god bless you!

2018-11-10 17:48:18 UTC  

@ThisIsChris I've read most so far. Working backwards.

2018-11-10 17:48:55 UTC  

Ging Eiyuu Densetsu - Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It's an anime from 1988 worthy of absolutely anyone's watch.

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2018-11-10 17:49:21 UTC  

oh I thought lotgh was someone sneezing

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2018-11-10 17:49:59 UTC  

Is anime popular here?

2018-11-10 17:50:02 UTC  

you know what else comes from the same year as LotGH?
GI Joe's first season

2018-11-10 17:50:03 UTC  

@Josh M. -OH Welcome to IE man, we have a pretty big chapter out by Cinci and Dayton, you should get in contact with @Andreas Cincinnatus, our coordinator

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2018-11-10 17:50:18 UTC  

so really, if you watch GI Joe, you're basically watching the same style as lotgh

2018-11-10 17:50:23 UTC  

uh oh what have I started?

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<:awoo:359012181611642890> <:awoo:359012181611642890> <:awoo:359012181611642890>

2018-11-10 17:51:20 UTC

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It's an incredible anime. screenshot from it

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2018-11-10 17:53:19 UTC  

Maybe someone should start an anime server so it doesn't... uhh... take over this one too much