Message from BLACKSUN in Matt Forney Live #general

2019-09-10 03:31:47 UTC  

Poland is also very pro-Israel, though there was a temporary rift over the "Polish death camps" law

2019-09-10 03:32:36 UTC  

the anti-Zionist parties like Kotleba, Jobbik, Golden Dawn are all marginalized (well they're also run by LARPing retards so that's part of it)

2019-09-10 03:35:33 UTC  

It’s like the right is stuck in the past and can never move forward or progress in anyway. That’s why it will always ultimately lose. We should have been trying to change the left instead of change the right. But it’s way too late now

2019-09-10 03:38:03 UTC  

change will happen but none of the existing dissident right players are gonna have a major role

2019-09-10 03:39:12 UTC  

The right/left is a wizardry

2019-09-10 03:39:43 UTC  

Unless you talk about it in the context of the nation’s politics

2019-09-10 03:55:23 UTC  

yeah I had marxist teachers and shit and they all taught us to be anti globalism, anti corporate.. so it's weird to see the left embracing rainbow lattes from starbucks and other shit

2019-09-10 03:55:52 UTC  

it's embarassing.. even gay people I knew hated pride and that kind of crap

2019-09-10 03:57:40 UTC  

and the zoomer gen don't believe it used to be that way "oh you used to be a leftist, fucking fag" they used to actually be fighting for something.. you said the PUA died in 2012.. I'd say so did any kind of anti corp leftism as well

2019-09-10 03:58:02 UTC  

obamas second term era ruined fucking everything

2019-09-10 03:58:18 UTC  

everything was better before 2012

2019-09-10 03:59:10 UTC  

Yeah that tranny stuff in Obama’s second turn is what drove me to the right.

2019-09-10 04:02:40 UTC  

yeah pre-2012 was really a different world

2019-09-10 04:02:54 UTC  

it feels like 20 years a go

2019-09-10 04:03:41 UTC  

when I started drafting my novel I went back through old stuff I'd written back then, old Roissy and Roosh posts, and listened to a shit ton of Phoenix

2019-09-10 04:03:49 UTC  

and I got sad

2019-09-10 04:04:13 UTC  

things were really depoliticized back then, I was a semi-open right-winger in college and nobody gave a shit

2019-09-10 04:04:48 UTC  

spent a lot of time in NYC with the hipster set, nobody cared there either aside from the occasional weirdo

2019-09-10 04:05:16 UTC  

It was so much better. No endless migration, no crazy trannies everywhere, women weren’t as psychotic, and it seemed like things would get better.

2019-09-10 04:05:39 UTC  

yeah stuff was much more apolitical

2019-09-10 04:07:30 UTC  

It’s really sad to think that for my generation Obama’s presidency will be remembered as the good old days

2019-09-10 04:08:12 UTC  

2011-14 and 2016 were the best years of my life post university

2019-09-10 04:09:47 UTC  

people were also a lot more sociable back then

2019-09-10 04:09:56 UTC  

smartphones really changed the social fabric

2019-09-10 04:10:17 UTC  

you could ask for directions on the street without being stared at

2019-09-10 04:10:28 UTC  

yeah I'm glad I reconnected with my friends at least the last year.. was at a friends place last night and we made japanese curry and had a few beers.. was far better than any online drama garbage

2019-09-10 04:11:05 UTC  

he follows all this stuff and basically decided to block all news twitter reddit and everything cause it's mainly useless info

2019-09-10 04:11:46 UTC  

Smartphones have ruined the world tbh. I’m glad I at least finally deleted twitter and facebook.

2019-09-10 04:12:00 UTC  

I didn't have a smartphone until 2014

2019-09-10 04:12:54 UTC  

as soon as I got one I was swiping through whores on online dating sites lol

2019-09-10 04:13:42 UTC  

heh I didn't get one until 2011

2019-09-10 04:13:59 UTC  

I got the iphone4 when it first came out and not many people had smartphones at the time. It felt so weird being able to access information nonstop while so many people were still using flip phones/black berries

2019-09-10 04:14:31 UTC  

I used it to play Angry Birds before realizing that mobile games were shit and uninstalling them all

2019-09-10 04:14:40 UTC  

I saw one in 2007 and as soon as I saw it I was like "we're doomed"

2019-09-10 04:14:51 UTC  

would like to get rid of my smartphone but I basically can't

2019-09-10 04:14:59 UTC  

Lol same here. I used to play mobile games and thought it was so cool.

2019-09-10 04:15:01 UTC  

I don't use social media on phone

2019-09-10 04:15:15 UTC  

for some reason, texting in Europe is way more expensive than data so everyone uses WhatsApp, Viber etc.

2019-09-10 04:15:31 UTC  

yeah my euro friends all use whatsapp

2019-09-10 04:15:51 UTC  

I’d love to be able to rid myself of this thing but it’s become like a part of me. I can’t imagine not having it for more than an hour or so.

2019-09-10 04:16:29 UTC  

I mainly only use it to listen to podcasts and general browsing