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2019-09-10 21:09:44 UTC

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it's good to call out hypocrites but try not to waste too much time on it in the end it's fairly counterproductive if it's too much the alt-right is really and truly dead at this point

2019-09-10 22:07:52 UTC  

just remember this is the movement that is supposed to be saving western civilization

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hazzard hmm seems famimilar

2019-09-11 05:45:43 UTC  

Yeah, it's me.

2019-09-11 05:45:56 UTC  

Of Third Jimpact fame.

2019-09-11 05:46:08 UTC  

There's new TRS drama, I have been summoned.

2019-09-11 05:46:26 UTC  

it never stops

2019-09-11 06:25:32 UTC  

Well, what do you expect from a pack of retards like that?

2019-09-11 06:25:52 UTC  

they were doomed when they went anti anime

2019-09-11 06:28:24 UTC  

Imagine rejecting the power of god and anime

2019-09-11 19:11:42 UTC  

Check out the latest episode of WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY, where @sharialabeouf, @Broseph, @Joe the boomer, and Memeson go over the TRS Jayoh drama, including discussing how SPLC moles have infiltrated the highest levels of TRS (starts at 1:07:00).

2019-09-11 19:13:09 UTC  

do not forget that the government wants you broke (from buying gas station cigarettes due to the vaping ban), dead (from maggot meat-induced obesity and carcinogens), your kids raped and brainwashed (by Hollywood), and they think it's funny

2019-09-11 21:00:07 UTC  

Listening to this masterpiece again, recorded shortly after Mike Enoch was doxed back in January 2017. The first 30-35 minutes is a magisterial backhand to TRS, Richard Spencer, and the entire alt-right.

2019-09-11 21:13:40 UTC  

"The only sincere words that Mike Enoch has ever spoken in his sad, pathetic life were from a restaurant menu." - Common Filth

2019-09-11 21:14:29 UTC  

I need Common Filth on my podcast

2019-09-11 21:14:37 UTC  

that man is the dad I never had

2019-09-11 21:14:47 UTC  

you should get an rss feed of audio podcast up at some point if you're doing regular stuff, I tend to listen to things on mobile

2019-09-11 21:15:08 UTC  

I was really happy when theralph did that a while back

2019-09-11 21:18:05 UTC  

@crispr I have one already

2019-09-11 21:18:50 UTC  

the <#442296168794554368> here updates whenever I post something there

2019-09-11 21:22:00 UTC  

ah cool, yeah I just wish youtube streaming wasn't so shitty on mobile

2019-09-11 23:58:55 UTC  

Anybody that had half a wit left it a couple years ago. It's the hopeless clingers and nazi larping faggots who continue to give energy to it. For all intent and purpose the Alt Right is dead. I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

2019-09-12 00:00:18 UTC  

I must however admit that I enjoy being proven correct over and over again. This periodic drama is entertaining. It's like watching two down syndrome kids beating the hell out of each other with baseball bats. It's so wrong, but it's still funny as hell to watch.

2019-09-12 00:45:41 UTC  

i remember being called a "kike shill" back in 2015 by retards on /pol when i pointed out that Trump is going to cuck out on all of his campaign promises like every other president. I knew the Alt Right was a waste of time from then on, I just pity those whose lives were ruined by getting involved, and laugh at whoever is stupid enough to still be involved.

2019-09-12 06:13:52 UTC  

@everyone the new daily braap DISCORD OUR OLD ONE GOT SABOTOGED BY NAZIS who started posting lewd things JOIN NOW

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I'll let this slide Joe but please don't @ everyone in the future

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thanks brother

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was copy pasting

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figured u had it turned off

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talk soon matt

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gotta bed down'

2019-09-12 23:15:33 UTC  

Turns out, Talcum X is a grifter. Shocking