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2019-04-18 16:57:01 UTC  

why is 8ch getting all this traffick

2019-04-18 16:57:04 UTC  

I can't get on

2019-04-18 17:23:27 UTC  

gee....mueller report out...

2019-04-23 01:51:11 UTC

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2019-05-01 22:35:05 UTC  

what they edited out - ar-15 is semi auto, m4 is full auto

2019-05-01 22:37:20 UTC  

theres 2 rifles in the world that uses the same shell in that clip..1 is the ar-15, other is a wood stock rifle ....they both take the same clips, fire at the same rate...and they're both sold in the usa.'s just ar-15 is more popular because it's black and u can put gizmos on it

2019-05-01 22:53:58 UTC  

I just love the term " fully semi-auto", as if it's more than "semi-auto"

2019-05-10 18:36:37 UTC  
2019-05-14 12:58:03 UTC  

That CNN Clip is sad. First his "M-4" had a flipup rear site, a Magpul front grip and a Stanless steel barrel. All of which are aftermarket. When he fires you can see him pull the triger 5 times. Also, the M-4 is not full "Auto" but 3 round burst as a selectable option.

2019-06-12 22:14:42 UTC  

regardless who records it, it's the msg within that works

2019-06-12 22:29:32 UTC  

treat everybody decent and provide proper mental and physical training for gun owners

2019-07-07 05:53:12 UTC  

This is how IDAHO celebrates N.R.A.ā˜ šŸ¤” šŸ˜Ž šŸ‘½

2019-07-29 03:31:12 UTC