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2018-11-11 05:08:07 UTC  
2018-11-11 05:08:13 UTC  

Hello fellow goyim

2018-11-11 05:08:27 UTC  


2018-11-11 05:08:27 UTC  

We should all learn Hebrew

2018-11-11 05:08:32 UTC  

Btw I have no idea how to speak Hebrew

2018-11-11 05:08:33 UTC  


2018-11-11 05:08:48 UTC  

No joke, we should all learn Latin and Greek

2018-11-11 05:08:54 UTC  

Levels of based

2018-11-11 05:08:58 UTC  

Latin sounds fun

2018-11-11 05:08:58 UTC  


2018-11-11 05:09:04 UTC  

Rare content

2018-11-11 05:09:05 UTC  

@ophiuchus know both!

2018-11-11 05:09:08 UTC  

Dang that’s nice

2018-11-11 05:09:15 UTC  

Greek is very difficult though

2018-11-11 05:09:22 UTC  

Love it!

2018-11-11 05:09:32 UTC  

i'm good with learning Castillian, thank you very much

2018-11-11 05:09:44 UTC  

@Alexander Pechorin Greek is very difficult. I took a year of it in classical school and skipped class and played Yugioh in the gym instead

2018-11-11 05:09:51 UTC  

Best year ever

2018-11-11 05:09:56 UTC  

Not only based but also in fact redpilled if I'm being honest

2018-11-11 05:10:11 UTC  


2018-11-11 05:10:54 UTC  

The problem I see with learning a language is the lack of opportunity to use it. Unless it's spanish

2018-11-11 05:10:54 UTC  

Latina gauda est- latin is fun

2018-11-11 05:11:03 UTC  

I really wish I knew more

2018-11-11 05:11:03 UTC  

Let's all learn Finnish.

2018-11-11 05:11:26 UTC  

Murum Edificate- Build the Wall

2018-11-11 05:11:40 UTC  
2018-11-11 05:11:48 UTC  

Qui desiderat pacem, preperat memum

2018-11-11 05:11:49 UTC  

We should all teach our kids mandarin tbh fam 😕

2018-11-11 05:12:09 UTC  

I liked learning Chinese and Japanese because of the characters

2018-11-11 05:12:12 UTC  

I like challenges

2018-11-11 05:12:13 UTC  

mandarin is beautiful

2018-11-11 05:12:13 UTC  

Contemptio loricam meam est

2018-11-11 05:12:41 UTC  

also if you can write in Japanese or Chinese everyone thinks you're incredibly intelligent even though you might just be borderline retarded like me

2018-11-11 05:12:53 UTC  
2018-11-11 05:12:56 UTC  

I had a Mexican friend who told me he was glad his son was taking Chinese classes because he believed the Chinese would take over America. I said "that's funny because I thought the Mexicans were going to take over America!"

2018-11-11 05:13:05 UTC  

@Zilna Jestov they both will

2018-11-11 05:13:10 UTC  

chinese will be the white collar workers

2018-11-11 05:13:15 UTC  

People think I'm a genius for being able to say one sentence in French

2018-11-11 05:13:18 UTC  

mexicans will be blue-collars

2018-11-11 05:13:24 UTC  

They must think you're a giant amazing genius.