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2018-11-12 22:41:03 UTC  

it's this

2018-11-12 22:41:10 UTC  

Textured Vegetable Protein. I'm unfortunately familiar with the stuff. It's the token fodder we take on our guided trips for vegans.

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@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL I've kinda been doing that

2018-11-12 22:41:28 UTC  

Don't the carbs in peanut butter add up, though?

2018-11-12 22:41:44 UTC  

depends on the pb, depends if you care

2018-11-12 22:41:54 UTC  

I mean...if you're working out hard enough, it shouldn't matter

2018-11-12 22:41:55 UTC  

@Jacob pure peanut butter is pretty low carb

2018-11-12 22:42:34 UTC  

I know it is, per serving

2018-11-12 22:42:43 UTC  

but I don't know if that holds up if you eat a lot of it

2018-11-12 22:42:53 UTC  

If you're concerned about the carbs in PB eat it before or after workout only.

2018-11-12 22:42:53 UTC  

Natural PB is about 1 net carb per spoon.

2018-11-12 22:43:12 UTC  

lol I guess I better stop eating it by the spoon then

2018-11-12 22:43:25 UTC  

Without bread, spoon is the only way.

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2018-11-12 22:43:49 UTC  

I take celery and dip it straight into the peanut butter jar, look down, and I just ate 1/4th of the jar in one sitting

2018-11-12 22:43:52 UTC  

also, the potassium in PB is really good for your kidneys

2018-11-12 22:43:56 UTC  

The sugar in PB is not good though. Especially if in keto

2018-11-12 22:44:23 UTC  

also the fancy peanut butter that doesn't have sugar is expensive

2018-11-12 22:44:27 UTC  

PB with flax seed is pretty good

2018-11-12 22:44:34 UTC  

Helps you get some extra fiber

2018-11-12 22:44:38 UTC  

@Jacoband gross

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2018-11-12 22:44:50 UTC  

Almond butter is great. But expensive.

2018-11-12 22:44:51 UTC  

There's phyto estrogens there

2018-11-12 22:44:55 UTC  

In Flax

2018-11-12 22:44:56 UTC  

Nah man crunch natural PB is great

2018-11-12 22:45:03 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN provide proofs

2018-11-12 22:45:08 UTC  

I can barely eat pb

2018-11-12 22:45:14 UTC  

I hate the consistency

2018-11-12 22:45:15 UTC  

Eh, I'm not a food snob so I don't get grossed out by cheap stuff. @Josh M. -OH

2018-11-12 22:45:35 UTC  

I'm a poor college student so I just have to get used to eating cheap stuff

2018-11-12 22:45:39 UTC  

I was just referring to diet stuff like keto

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2018-11-12 22:45:48 UTC  

keto is fun

2018-11-12 22:45:57 UTC  

it's just expensive

2018-11-12 22:46:01 UTC  

I kinda miss keto

2018-11-12 22:46:04 UTC  

Otherwise pb is all good

2018-11-12 22:46:13 UTC  

I'll eat pb if I'm trying to get in more calories, cause I'll have to wash it down with hella milk

2018-11-12 22:46:13 UTC  

@Jacob Costco my man