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2018-11-14 02:51:07 UTC  

Colin Noir works for the NRA

2018-11-14 02:51:13 UTC  

Where's Ann Coulter? She got buffed

2018-11-14 02:51:19 UTC  

too baste

2018-11-14 02:51:48 UTC  

Why is there a dog on the pic?

2018-11-14 02:52:47 UTC  

Does Blonde hide her power level on her podcast with the beta? I have never listened to it. She hardly bothers to hide ethnonationalism on her solo videos.

2018-11-14 03:02:27 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN No, she's still pretty open about how fashy and pro-white she is.

2018-11-14 03:02:43 UTC  

I watch the YouTube version every week.

2018-11-14 03:02:55 UTC  
2018-11-14 03:07:35 UTC  

big fan.

2018-11-14 03:09:57 UTC  

That brings the number of expected California seat flips to 6. Only 8 of California's 53 congressmen will be Republicans in 2019.

2018-11-14 03:11:14 UTC  

It's all so tiresome.

2018-11-14 03:14:04 UTC  

What's popping

2018-11-14 03:14:35 UTC  

Its fine, it wasn't the rear axel making noise by the way, it was just the stuff in the crate in the back

2018-11-14 03:14:50 UTC  

Watching western movies with my dad. Very trad.

2018-11-14 03:16:09 UTC  

@Walt Hopefully the Citizenship question will be approved by the SC. That will insure California loses a congressional seat or two.

2018-11-14 03:17:32 UTC  

@Hakujin - CA I hope so.

2018-11-14 03:35:21 UTC  

(tried to archive, it didn't take)

2018-11-14 03:36:45 UTC  

Hey I was wondering what the leadership principle for IE is? Does Patrick decide everything or do we get to vote? Someone IRL asked me about it.

2018-11-14 03:37:22 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN That video is culturally enriching, bigot!

2018-11-14 03:37:30 UTC  

Remember that all forms of government are viable, it just takes good leadership.

2018-11-14 03:37:46 UTC  

"Patrick" is merely the apprentice of the ancient teal dragon Evropa, who is running things in his implicit wingspan

2018-11-14 03:37:57 UTC  

>all forms of govt are viable

2018-11-14 03:38:31 UTC  

We ShadowRun now.

2018-11-14 03:38:36 UTC  

patrick is literally a sentient AI Mr. Pepsi

2018-11-14 03:39:11 UTC  

@ExternalPepsi Pretty close to a corporate model. We have an Executive Director and then an Advisory Council members. Council members do not gain power through finance but rather acceptance throughout the organization and within the leadership.

2018-11-14 03:40:44 UTC  

@Sam Anderson Alright thank you.

2018-11-14 03:41:47 UTC  

@Sam Anderson Corporations REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

2018-11-14 03:42:05 UTC  

And then of course we have local coordinators and specialized coordinators for Activism and such.

2018-11-14 03:43:01 UTC  

>implying IE is a democracy

2018-11-14 03:43:36 UTC  

I have an answer for that, so to speak

2018-11-14 03:44:42 UTC  

Shut down colleges, they are making our kids dumber...

2018-11-14 03:46:05 UTC  

They so want to disagree with him, and keep trying to figure out how, but they can't and go with feelings. 😂

2018-11-14 03:48:29 UTC  

I am trying to find something to eat while watching this video.

2018-11-14 03:49:21 UTC  

People bool on Steven Crowder but I think he does some good stuff.

2018-11-14 03:50:00 UTC  

He's self-serving and may not be entirely truthful about his politics, but his videos could "redpill" "normies".

2018-11-14 03:51:30 UTC  

There's a based Amerindian I have spotted watching Crowder videos before class a few times

2018-11-14 03:51:51 UTC  

Yeah, his video trying to get gay cake from muslim bakers was an eye-opener about the double standards for me

2018-11-14 03:52:53 UTC  

The comedic height of the Crowder meme was during Murdoch^2 meme war storyline, when they used him to spoof on wignats