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the back of the book is entirely footnotes and referneces tot he sources

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Indian education

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reach the afterword

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It's not real

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It's called fiction

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i kinow

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the brtish fear of a sepoy revolt and sikhs invading was real

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and if u know about that war

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u know the sikh genrals had been bribed by the bongs

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pay in the sikh army was twice taht of the east idnia company

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and the sepoys had more in common with the siksh then the bin gs

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Money does not make a superior force

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they feared the sepoys going over to the other side

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Nigger I'm not reading your stupid fiction novel

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the sikh army was the only modernized force in india besides britain

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@DeusVolt my friend from NY @blue_alpha wants to get vetted, can anyone get gim vetted?

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So what if the british would have been slowed down

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im getting this shit form jewpedia

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They would still have taken your lands

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It would just have taken longer

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If you honestly think that the sikhs could have withstood the might of the largest empire in human history you're delusional

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afghanistan ddid it

2017-07-12 06:54:13 UTC  

in the anglo afghan wars

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if some desert inbred s can

2017-07-12 06:54:30 UTC  

im pretty sure the sikhs can to

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Haha okay

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what are supply lines while being backed by another rival empire

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India is not afghanistan

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the afghans werent being backed

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If it was then it wouldn't have been conqured

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It was

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If you were able to beat the british you historically would have

2017-07-12 06:55:24 UTC  

and india is fileld with jungle and soem hills, prime guerilla warfare scenario

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Still not afghanistan and you know it