Message from Laggu in Anticom #general

2017-07-12 18:12:05 UTC  

Alt right is a meaningless buzzword

2017-07-12 18:12:29 UTC  

Generally the rule is if you're racialist

2017-07-12 18:12:33 UTC  

You're alt right

2017-07-12 18:12:43 UTC  

If not you're alt light

2017-07-12 18:12:54 UTC  

Alt right originally was to separate ourselves from Neo Cons

2017-07-12 18:13:04 UTC  

Though a lot of people reject the alt right label for being big tentist

2017-07-12 18:13:29 UTC  

And a lot of leftists paint anyone to the right of Clinton as alt right

2017-07-12 18:15:12 UTC  

boomers aside, where do you think most right wingers reside? alt light?

2017-07-12 18:15:23 UTC  

right wing beliefs without racialist elements?

2017-07-12 18:16:40 UTC  

Most right wingers aren't consciously racialist

2017-07-12 18:17:33 UTC  

They move to areas away from shitskins and lock their car doors when they see a nig

2017-07-12 18:17:49 UTC  

But lord forbid you say niggers are stupid

2017-07-12 18:18:07 UTC  

Nobody wants to be labeled

2017-07-12 18:18:22 UTC  

You call a racist or a nazi a racist or nazi they don't care

2017-07-12 18:18:27 UTC  

I agree with property rights

2017-07-12 18:18:35 UTC  

That type of thing only works on people that aren't that

2017-07-12 18:18:41 UTC  

Like a random fag can't just walk into my house and take a shit on the floor

2017-07-12 18:19:22 UTC  

Unless he's retarded I'd take him to the attic and keep him as a slave

2017-07-12 18:20:16 UTC  

tbh I find it frustrating the alt light wont really engage with the left outside of "fuck SJW's and feminism"

2017-07-12 18:20:27 UTC  

when is lauren southern going to debate the welfare state? probably never

2017-07-12 18:21:14 UTC  

Well at least they're anti immigration

2017-07-12 18:23:06 UTC  

alright, final question, thoughts on chris cantwell?

2017-07-12 18:24:52 UTC  

Pretty cool of him to show up at pikeville

2017-07-12 18:47:52 UTC  

they are coming for us boys

2017-07-12 19:37:40 UTC  

infinity should go after him

2017-07-12 19:37:47 UTC  

"troll" wars would be fun

2017-07-12 19:37:53 UTC  

inb4 he goes full shia

2017-07-12 20:29:25 UTC  

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2017-07-12 20:37:51 UTC  

NATO supporting former SS units 👌🏻

2017-07-12 21:07:41 UTC  

You need new more intelligent friends, Sticker 😁

2017-07-12 21:16:18 UTC  

Probably par for the course in ca

2017-07-12 21:24:39 UTC  

How White is your area?

2017-07-12 21:24:55 UTC  

It may explain the amount of Libtards.

2017-07-12 22:23:49 UTC  

@Verm i know ur secretly a homestuck-fag

2017-07-12 22:28:17 UTC  

go👈 be real aryan🤚 men👱 and go pick up some sticks🌲 and watch 🖌 paint🖌 dry

2017-07-12 22:28:22 UTC  

go👈 be real aryan🤚 men👱 and go pick up some sticks🌲 and watch 🖌 paint🖌 dry

2017-07-12 23:03:12 UTC  

Aryan men 😍

2017-07-12 23:10:54 UTC  

Assyrian women 💩

2017-07-13 00:01:58 UTC  

Illinois gang boolin