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So...IE brand long leaf tobacco when?

2018-11-17 02:25:18 UTC  

“Was Jefferson Davis right?” and “Why not Freedom!” (Same author as “The South Was Right”) are good reads as well, for anyone interested.

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No prob. And YES to Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. 🎅🏻

2018-11-17 02:26:39 UTC  

Wow, reading about the world is so blackpilling

2018-11-17 02:26:47 UTC  

I don't know if this is healthy

2018-11-17 02:29:52 UTC  

Was going through my old room at my moms house, found a copy of Doctor Faustus. I have no recollection of ever owning this book, and haven’t lived there since I was 15


2018-11-17 02:29:59 UTC  

It’s not, and sharing isn’t either

2018-11-17 02:30:00 UTC  

@Jacob Dude, it's always darkest before dawn.

2018-11-17 02:30:57 UTC  

Ungrateful Stacey Abrahams conceded, finally

2018-11-17 02:31:21 UTC  

That kid with cancer that had a huge batman parade thrown for him like 5 years ago is in remission

2018-11-17 02:31:56 UTC  

I don't know. I mean, if we weren't at least *a bit* blackpilled, we wouldn't be in IE.

2018-11-17 02:33:00 UTC  

Why bother if we know everything is going to be okay?

2018-11-17 02:33:16 UTC  

*has Agency to save his people

2018-11-17 02:33:19 UTC  

@Tyler0317 I sure hope that's what's happening

2018-11-17 02:33:49 UTC  

Our resolve is the whitepill lads

2018-11-17 02:34:32 UTC  

We are the early adopters.

We may not live to see the complete fruition of our labors.....

Alas, with our diligence, victory is ours to grasp.

2018-11-17 02:34:38 UTC  

I mean if we just clog our ears and say "lalalala can't hear you" we'll just get complacent @metasophocles

2018-11-17 02:35:17 UTC  

Those people aren't in IE my man

2018-11-17 02:35:47 UTC  

The threat is real, but we stand against the tide

2018-11-17 02:37:17 UTC  

I don't agree with chronic blackpilling, either, but I don't think we should shut it down whenever someone discusses how big the threat is

2018-11-17 02:39:30 UTC  

2nd NJ member to join this month

2018-11-17 02:39:33 UTC  

feels good man

2018-11-17 02:39:47 UTC  

I really need to get more students at my school though

2018-11-17 02:40:19 UTC  

Yay for Jersey. Am I allowed to ask what school? @Brunswick Rutgers?

2018-11-17 02:43:00 UTC  

"Identity allows people to have shared values beyond the political. About fair play, honorable conduct and what should be done, in a way that politics and elections with the memory of a gnat cannot.

If you lack this identity, your society will be shaped by commercial forces and government. Media, industry, special interest groups and politics itself will wear you down until you are nothing but a series of compromises, resulting a generic middle-of-the-road approach."

2018-11-17 02:43:45 UTC  

Maybe I'd have new members joining, too, if USPS finally delivered my posters 🙄

2018-11-17 02:45:05 UTC  

I forgot how simple writing pop/indie music can be...

2018-11-17 02:49:49 UTC  

@Lily Lee - NJ Yep! The state college of NJ

2018-11-17 02:49:57 UTC  

I suppose it was an easy guess with my username haha

2018-11-17 02:52:13 UTC  

Haha yes, I was at there for Charlie Kirk was there. I heard IE had a presence. Did you get a chance to talk to many people during that event??

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I was there when Charlie Kirk was there* idk what happened to that sentence.

2018-11-17 02:53:32 UTC  

@Deleted User I like it.

2018-11-17 02:54:18 UTC  

I wrote it in like an hour tops, I can't decide if I like it or hate it

2018-11-17 02:55:06 UTC  

It’s pretty relaxing.

2018-11-17 03:01:39 UTC  

It's great, Tide. Relaxing and "chill" as the kids say.

2018-11-17 03:02:40 UTC  

I'm not used to working with this little of distortion... it feels wrong