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2018-11-18 05:04:40 UTC  

How do you destroy the West? Get rid of gun owning, straight, white, Christian, men

2018-11-18 05:04:53 UTC  

@Flint aka the people who built the west

2018-11-18 05:05:32 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD I’m done for some Deus Vult 👌

2018-11-18 05:05:32 UTC  

Thus, anything and everything that undermines those values/people is imported

2018-11-18 05:07:32 UTC  

I think it'll all collapse before then, by way of a tumultuous population

2018-11-18 05:08:01 UTC  

How it'll look, don't know, but I don't see such die hard opposition split down the middle going for that

2018-11-18 05:08:58 UTC  

*We're barely doing it now, lol*

2018-11-18 05:12:17 UTC  

It'd be nice to elaborate on that but it pushes the server's boundaries, so best to respect that

2018-11-18 05:12:31 UTC  

Anywho... I've been learning more guitar

2018-11-18 05:12:41 UTC  

Banjo, too, but not as fun

2018-11-18 05:16:23 UTC  

IE demographics, lol

2018-11-18 05:16:27 UTC  

@Flint I’ve been thinking about taking up an instrument. I’m torn between guitar and violin. Guitar would be much easier if course

2018-11-18 05:17:42 UTC  

Violin is awesome as hell, but less 'full' of a sound, if you know what I mean. And almost always sad. It's the official black pill instrument

2018-11-18 05:18:25 UTC  

Guitars (at least acoustic) can play 'more' of a range (fuller, whatever)

2018-11-18 05:18:48 UTC  

With electric you can shred your ass off, too

2018-11-18 05:19:12 UTC  

Violin is white, though

2018-11-18 05:20:02 UTC  

And if you can play guitar, you can play tons of stringed (plucking, strumming) instruments with little more work

2018-11-18 05:20:13 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Someone asked about a religion server in IE earlier. Do we have one, or is it considered too divisive?

2018-11-18 05:20:15 UTC  

banjo, mandolin, bass

2018-11-18 05:20:47 UTC  

@Axel It's best to DM those discussions, I've found

2018-11-18 05:21:04 UTC  

I started on mandolin when I was 9 and subsequently learned guitar, violin, bass, banjo, etc.

2018-11-18 05:21:31 UTC  

I almost baptized @Asatru Artist - MD in my DM, but Yu-Gi-Oh came back on and he had to go

2018-11-18 05:21:46 UTC  


2018-11-18 05:22:12 UTC  

@Flint are you Pagan?

2018-11-18 05:22:17 UTC  

*Asatru Artist is typing*

2018-11-18 05:22:28 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD We Christians effectively have Pagan roots, so it shouldn't be too divisive.

2018-11-18 05:22:31 UTC  

@JohnAtlas Nah, bro, check my avi

2018-11-18 05:22:42 UTC  

Probably just divided people by saying that

2018-11-18 05:22:51 UTC  


2018-11-18 05:23:08 UTC  

I’m Orthodox Christian

2018-11-18 05:23:21 UTC  

The divisiveness happens naturally by way of debate. It's just best for IE that we don't go there, lol

2018-11-18 05:23:32 UTC  

I get it.

2018-11-18 05:23:45 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD I'm down to FashVult, just give me the date

2018-11-18 05:24:18 UTC  

It's fun to jest--as long as no spergs are around

2018-11-18 05:24:22 UTC  

Or, we can highlight ways in which Christianity and paganism are intrinsically connected

2018-11-18 05:24:32 UTC  

@JohnAtlas Exactly

2018-11-18 05:24:59 UTC  

@JohnAtlas even that is triggering my inner sperg

2018-11-18 05:25:20 UTC  

Literally anything where someone goes "well..."

2018-11-18 05:25:27 UTC  

Are you catholic?

2018-11-18 05:25:38 UTC  

Your skin color is your jersey in this game

2018-11-18 05:26:06 UTC