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2021-01-14 04:51:26 UTC  


2021-01-14 04:57:19 UTC  

I mean really how many lefty morons watch my channel?

2021-01-14 05:10:41 UTC  

One day people will read the law, sadly today is not that day!

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How, withing 20 years did we get from 15 year olds having the same or more sense than a 25 or 30 year old now, to whats going on today? Just sad.

2021-01-14 05:41:07 UTC  

Honestly, the political situation in my mind. (As a younger person. 21.) Is getting to be just pathetic, from either side. It's been progressively degrading probably in the last decade that I can clearly see. If you look at what this country was SUPPOSED to be, compared to what it is, I wholeheartedly think the founders would be/are rolling in their graves.

2021-01-14 05:44:24 UTC  

The rioting, the protesting, I don't care who it's from. That's not what this country is supposed to be about. We're supposed to be able to resolve those differences through free speech. Back when we opposed the British, we threw tea into a harbor. Now? We're burning down random businesses, desecrating monuments, using large-scale platforms to attack ideas and people in which the people who follow are hardly ever informed, but just decide their side by their biases.

2021-01-14 05:51:19 UTC  

They are for sure ....

2021-01-14 05:52:38 UTC  

Although.. I suppose it genuinely doesn't help my mindset that I feel that what we lack as a nation, and as a society now, compared to a few hundreds years ago.

2021-01-14 05:53:16 UTC  

Time to rethink what we want as a country ....

2021-01-14 05:53:32 UTC  

Someone should be figurtively/literally put to the sword for their beliefs. I don't say this in the meaning that you should be killed, but so that you actually need to know what you believe in and be able to stand up for yourself.

2021-01-14 05:53:56 UTC  

Today? You hurt someones feelings? Social media. Canceling. Crying.

2021-01-14 05:54:13 UTC  

Some time ago? You'd get into a fight, perhaps even to the death.

2021-01-14 05:55:14 UTC  

I think it's just stupid that we've degraded that far as a society.

2021-01-14 06:13:29 UTC  

We need to purge the Confederate flag

2021-01-14 06:14:05 UTC  

They will only keep calling us racists if we continue doing racist things

2021-01-14 06:14:28 UTC  

And when they can't call us racist, they lose

2021-01-14 06:14:57 UTC  

I suggest a push for POC in the rep party

2021-01-14 06:15:07 UTC  

Play with their rules

2021-01-14 06:18:19 UTC  

Umm... UnclePatch... you forget one piece... we are racists for even existing. Nothing... I repeat nothing... will solve their insatiable desire to create division for this country. Only through division can they implement socialism/fascism/communism. It’s in their best interest to keep the false racist narrative alive, regardless of what someone sports.

2021-01-14 06:23:08 UTC  

That's the point I'm saying

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2021-01-14 06:23:36 UTC  

Georgia, a black man just won senate

2021-01-14 06:23:53 UTC  

What's to stop a black Republican from doing the same?

2021-01-14 06:24:02 UTC  

Show the people

2021-01-14 06:27:09 UTC  

They won't call a poc racist, they'll make themselves look stupid by the standards they themselves have set

2021-01-14 06:27:30 UTC  

There are many poc in the republican party... your concern doesn’t make sense. Sorry.

2021-01-14 06:28:09 UTC  

Have you seen the Hodge Twins and Candace Owens? They are slandered at every turn because they are republican.

2021-01-14 06:28:42 UTC  

The concern is the growth, sure trump brought in great numbers but they are negligent to dems and msm

2021-01-14 06:29:11 UTC  

Any republican, regardless of color or sex is negligent to dems.

2021-01-14 06:29:26 UTC  

Have to get some sleep. Have a good night.

2021-01-14 06:29:27 UTC  

Notice how the left has a bunch of activism

2021-01-14 06:30:32 UTC  

There is nothing stopping us from doing the same activism (no election fraud activism bullshit, nobody cares)

2021-01-14 06:41:02 UTC  

They will call you racist even when you are not because u don’t agree doesn’t mean one should be racist .... just means we need not care because we know we aren’t racist

2021-01-14 06:42:32 UTC  

Low information people see headlines and that decides their political alignment

2021-01-14 06:44:02 UTC  

Okay cool, the vast majority of Republicans are white. By this alone they will deem you a racist.

2021-01-14 06:45:19 UTC  

I reiterate.

2021-01-14 06:47:59 UTC  

The pride movement didn't gain support overnight.
Civil rights movements didn't happen overnight.
Culture shifts didn't happen overnight.

The information warfare age that we live in, is our tool to achieve our goals. Hard years ahead.

2021-01-14 11:17:46 UTC  

This what’s happening in Australia!!! Omg !

2021-01-14 13:02:22 UTC  

Bruce Willis asked to leave Rite Aid store after refusing to wear a mask <:PepeLMFAO:430514273693728815>

2021-01-14 13:02:46 UTC  

Aww damn. He apologized. <:facepalm:438877920753090560>