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2021-01-15 02:39:20 UTC  

It’s disgusting

2021-01-15 02:43:03 UTC  

I keep opening the Parler app like a junky

2021-01-15 02:43:42 UTC  

Yeah I am hoping that parler will come back up

2021-01-15 02:47:22 UTC  

Kinda took a page out of your book moonan haha I got a little mad though.

2021-01-15 02:47:25 UTC

2021-01-15 02:48:59 UTC  

Besides the grammatical errors. I give it a solid 99% in conveyance πŸ˜‰

2021-01-15 02:49:30 UTC  

Yeah I'm a mechanic not a scholar haha but I try

2021-01-15 02:50:41 UTC  

Haha just picking on you, but yes. We need voices.

2021-01-15 02:51:20 UTC  


2021-01-15 02:51:22 UTC  

No offense taken, I already know how bad at that I am.

2021-01-15 02:58:12 UTC  

What have you made of this?

2021-01-15 02:59:07 UTC  

I am looking for the budget information so I can look at the what places that money was pulled from

2021-01-15 03:27:53 UTC  

Of course... it was ignored... lol

2021-01-15 03:29:29 UTC  

I have a question, I am a Merchant Mariner for the DOD if Biden raises Minimum wage will my pay be raised because I am already making over 13.00 an hour just starting out.

2021-01-15 03:30:21 UTC  


2021-01-15 03:31:30 UTC  

Being a Federal Employee I can not make anything less than Minimum wage and the job is not like Flipping hamburgers at Mcdonalds. I am working on Diesel engines as big as houses on ships.

2021-01-15 03:31:53 UTC  

Do not get me wrong I hate biden and I think a Federal Minimum wage Hike is insane.

2021-01-15 03:52:32 UTC  

Wtf <:cooked:711770121328132187>

2021-01-15 03:53:28 UTC  

Didn't SARS pop up in the middle east around that time?

2021-01-15 03:53:43 UTC  

Yeah what the hell else is the age of Aquarius going bring to light?

2021-01-15 03:53:56 UTC  

I'm going to check that.

2021-01-15 03:55:32 UTC  

I thinknit originated from China.

2021-01-15 03:55:42 UTC  

Think it

2021-01-15 03:56:00 UTC  

According to Google...

2021-01-15 03:56:26 UTC  

Lol April 2005 is also when YouTube started

2021-01-15 03:57:25 UTC  

Look at JDMOONANs post (video) about Bill gates. You might learn something.

2021-01-15 03:57:52 UTC  

Int a link on here

2021-01-15 03:58:58 UTC  

Wouldn't be surprised if she gets epsteined

2021-01-15 04:08:15 UTC  

Lol!!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

2021-01-15 04:23:23 UTC  

The actual fart makes it gold πŸ˜‚

2021-01-15 04:24:55 UTC

2021-01-15 04:32:01 UTC  

Fucking called it.

2021-01-15 04:32:03 UTC  


2021-01-15 04:36:06 UTC  

Yeah. I had to go on Twitter to watch that. I feel dirty now.

2021-01-15 04:42:21 UTC  

I still get good information from twitter, I don't like it, but I need some of the sources on there so I had to stay.

2021-01-15 04:57:08 UTC