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2021-01-15 06:42:55 UTC  

You have been miss guided.

2021-01-15 06:43:47 UTC  

The problem is that is was associated with racism. It does not stand for racism.

2021-01-15 06:44:18 UTC  

No no just because some says it was associated with racism doesn't make it so. Anyone that says that should go research Robert E. Lee. Slavery was not race bound first off, second Robert was against Slavery, but was against a unconstitutional abolition of slavery, that is why he fought the war. Not to mention Robert freed all of his slaves and the war ended with the 13th amendment. That war was an economical war, not a racist war.

2021-01-15 06:44:35 UTC  

This is the problem with conservatives, we are too withholding to history and "values" and are hesitant even to small changes like banning a flag associated with racism

2021-01-15 06:44:56 UTC  

should get used to seeing it being the southern democrats just took over your government with out even shooting off a round

2021-01-15 06:45:19 UTC  

its a democrat flag

2021-01-15 06:45:23 UTC  


2021-01-15 06:45:38 UTC  

Banning something that you think is racist doesn't get rid of racism.

2021-01-15 06:45:58 UTC  

cancel culture its in there heads

2021-01-15 06:46:11 UTC  

Just in the same way prohibition didn't get rid of drugs or alcohol.

2021-01-15 06:46:22 UTC  

There is literally no reason to have the flag anymore, it belongs to nothing. The Confederacy died 160 sumn years ago and still its flag lingers on

2021-01-15 06:46:34 UTC  

Prohibition does not work period in any case, EVER!

2021-01-15 06:47:15 UTC  

Right so what about the 600k men that died in that war did they also mean nothing and they fought with both the american flag and every state flag.

2021-01-15 06:47:15 UTC  

This is the truth

2021-01-15 06:47:24 UTC  

They can't keep alcohol out of prisons.

2021-01-15 06:47:41 UTC  

so which slavery offends u less

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2021-01-15 06:48:28 UTC  

Do you understand why black slaves became the prominent slaves after whites being the most used slaves?

2021-01-15 06:48:45 UTC  

Do you know what bacon's rebellion is?

2021-01-15 06:49:36 UTC  

The 600k men who fought to defend a nation who wanted to continue slavery.
If this were anything like the Nuremberg trials, every high ranking officer or general would have been tried for crimes against humanity.

2021-01-15 06:49:53 UTC  

He was tried

2021-01-15 06:50:20 UTC  

Continuing it because "its about the money"

2021-01-15 06:50:30 UTC  

and they gave him back his citizenship because emancipation proclamation was unconstitutional.

2021-01-15 06:50:42 UTC  

So there for the war was justified

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2021-01-15 06:51:40 UTC  

We are all against slavery, however slavery was a caste system, not what it is portrayed as today.

2021-01-15 06:52:06 UTC  

If you look at what happens when you abuse slaves you would understand they were not treated poorly, in most cases.

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2021-01-15 06:52:26 UTC  

Okay... seriously... who is this UnclePatch guy and why does he want to bow to the corrupt leftists so bad?

2021-01-15 06:52:34 UTC  

Spartacus is an example of what happens when you abuse slaves.

2021-01-15 06:52:42 UTC  

the word slave came from roaman times when the slavic people where favorite choice for mongol, arabs, and khazar traders for white slaves

2021-01-15 06:53:08 UTC  

I am from the Caribbean, basically everyone in our countries are products of slavery

2021-01-15 06:53:14 UTC  

No reason to attack his character

2021-01-15 06:53:18 UTC  

I know its history

2021-01-15 06:53:35 UTC  

We can have a good conversation about something that someone is not fully informed on

2021-01-15 06:54:21 UTC  

so how does the battle flag have a racist meaning to u in another country

2021-01-15 06:54:26 UTC  

I'm being educated. I didn't know some of those details. Thank you.

2021-01-15 06:54:34 UTC  

Bacon's Rebellion is an uprising of porely treated indentured servants.

2021-01-15 06:54:49 UTC  

Not attacking character at all, just wondering. His rhetoric has been painting the republicans as racists over a flag that has literally nothing to do with racism... itโ€™s a leftist division point. I mean... when will that point get through?

2021-01-15 06:54:57 UTC  

And the reason America began to move to more Atlantic slaves instead of english slaves