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Now I'm starting my 2 days lol

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and to think this video isn't new!! It is mind blowing that this guy came forward and nothing's been done (or has it??). And that damn reporter had the audacity to say after he said "I will not be taking any questions" < "well we're going to ask them anyway".... and ... "who paid you!" LMAO! u can't make this shit up!

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This is “Lin Wood’s” telegram app picture..... didn’t know he was a monka guy... (sarcasm here)

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Must be a fan of his...

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im bout to download this before this gets deleted

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There are whisperings that Q is a psy-op from the CIA to bring false hope and mislead. Not sure how true that is but I guess it doesn’t matter because all will be shown by the end of the month. And then if the outcome is the unthinkable then it will be time for aggressively making connections with local and state-wide political groups to make huge changes and draw the line in the sand. Then from there push forward. This will honestly take 12 to 16 years to see a majority of change and the corruption will only have sulked into the corner biding its time in the shadows.

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Just saw article comparing Q to operation trust on Info Wars.

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Wow, and they are saying that Flynn is in on it?? Wtf

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Again — ultimately doesn’t matter to me — won’t change the course of actions to follow. I honestly will never forget that morning I woke up and saw the electoral map flip so drastically in Biden’s favor and how states were allowed to bypass legislation on passing new laws!!! And to top it off — anybody who raised concern were told to SIT DOWN; SHUT UP

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And the mass censorship that followed

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I’ll make a guess right now. Mitch Will vote no on impeachment but will vote yes for banning trump from future elections

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I won't mind trump being removed

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From gop*

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He won't swing any leftists with the way he talks, certainly

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There needs to be new gop leadership that appeals to the younger generation

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All I know is this — every big campaign promise from Trump was fulfilled. And he didn’t need four additional years to follow through. He never bended to other people’s feelings and he remained steadfast — even if it meant looking like an asshole. Find me some contradictory clips where he said one thing but then later said the exact opposite. We see tons of that sort of thing from Hilary and Biden. The only person who holds a candle to Trump on being true to their words is Bernie. I just don’t want a LIAR for the leader of America 🇺🇸

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(I don’t want Bernie either but was making a point about honestly to the people)

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But more about Bernie. Once the Democratic Party saw that he was outshining their ‘groomed’ candidate Hilary, what did they do — the Debbie Wasserman scandal

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And they shut him up. And they secured it with a media leak that he caved in to remain silent with a gift from Obama — a million+ dollar home in Vermont.

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My point is this — the DNC is straight EVIL

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And full of coercion and LIARS

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Why would I want that to be the face of my country?! FUCK NO

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Yeah I have no idea what in the hell that is.

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Interesting structure

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How about that Jan 18th is now a Federal Holiday for MLK jr.

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Today has now been named national Religious Freedom Day

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Does that mean I can go to the grocery store w/ a face diaper?

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