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maybe if you were a legal immigrant you wouldn't have anything to worry about

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I think canada is less cucked than Germany or Sweden.

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for now

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But trudeau is more cucked then the leaders of those counteies

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Germany send shock troops to the houses of internet shitposters who don't like migrants.

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Did you guys see the story about the migrant who raped a girl infront of her boyfriend?

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Which one?

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They were in a tent, and he came in with a knife, demanded the girl get out of the tent

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There are probably like 20 of those stories

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she did. he PUT THE KNIFE DOWN and started raping her

2017-04-08 00:20:12 UTC  

her bf stayed in the tent

2017-04-08 00:20:18 UTC  

peaking out every so often

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too "terrified" to do anything

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Literal cuck

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did you guys hear about the migrant in sweden "i hate sweden and i only came here to fuck swedish girls"

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i mean i feel that way about america but i just vacation.

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Australian actually.

2017-04-08 00:21:56 UTC
"Republican congresswoman Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said Friday she believes a major White House shake-up is coming and that President Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon may be on the way out.

"I think his days are numbered in that administration. And I think profound changes will be coming," she said on a Miami radio show this morning, predicting the "shake-up" will occur in the next few months.

Ros-Lehtinen said it would be "welcome news for the nation" if Bannon exits the White House. Earlier this week, the White House announced Bannon was no longer serving on the National Security Council.

She declined to specify her issue with the former Breitbart CEO, but seemed to point to his views on immigration and refugees.

"His views are not in line with our country. We are an inclusive country that welcomes different points of views. His ties to certain groups are very worrisome," she said."

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How's @everyone doing?

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I'm kinda low energy

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Guys, check out that article I just posted. Trump is selling us out.

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Azzmador decided to call me a Jew because I dared criticize something he said about a friend of mine.

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Literally who

2017-04-08 00:27:33 UTC