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Which Christianity has done.

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we can't let anybody know about operation demolitionan&death until april 8th

2017-04-04 00:05:26 UTC  

Islam however, has not.

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oh yeah the secret op

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actually islam has gotten worse

2017-04-04 00:05:42 UTC  

So different genetics different eventual outcome. I agree anyway.

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Islam has returned to it's roots.

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>go to interview today

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nigga what

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>come home and check email to find 2 more hr fags wanting me to come in

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Islam returned to what it was doing hundreds of years ago almost.

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Im /abouttomakeit/

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They were fine for a while, refanaticised in the 70's and ISIS *really* buckled down on the fundamentals

2017-04-04 00:06:34 UTC  

the islamic golden age was real friendo

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what he said

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Yeah in their golden age they tried to conquer the earth.

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TLDR: the world won't know peace until islam is wiped of the face of the earth

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thats what you do when ur rich

2017-04-04 00:07:06 UTC  

*new crusade when*

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When a culture reaches an existential point, when the entire existence is under threat they tend to resort to hyper-traditionalism and nativism.
This can be a positive thing for the culture, but it's usually fucking terrifying for everyone outside them.

2017-04-04 00:07:16 UTC  

isis back to fundementals:

2017-04-04 00:07:26 UTC  

And so the fundamentalists rise.

2017-04-04 00:07:27 UTC  

mohammed my friend, when was the last time we beheaded someone?

2017-04-04 00:07:31 UTC  

niggers look up the birth of islamism in the 40s

2017-04-04 00:07:38 UTC  

It's worse this time though.

2017-04-04 00:07:40 UTC  

Isis literally declared a worldwide islamic caliphate to be their end game

2017-04-04 00:07:47 UTC  

well technically nah

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of course, it can happen to other people's and cultures as well

2017-04-04 00:07:49 UTC  

Than hundreds of years ago.

2017-04-04 00:07:51 UTC  

know the islamist rebirth started in the 40s

2017-04-04 00:07:55 UTC  

only now is it cultivating

2017-04-04 00:07:56 UTC  

honestly do muslims worship allah or mohammed cause it's hard to tell

2017-04-04 00:07:58 UTC  

they just wanted south russian southern europe and most of africa

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it happened long before the 70s lad