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2021-01-08 20:40:12 UTC  

cheated in quotes?

2021-01-08 20:42:37 UTC  

Curious what you mean s

2021-01-08 20:55:56 UTC  

He stole votes, was sworn in before an investigation could take place

2021-01-08 20:56:15 UTC  

Odd bit of history

2021-01-08 20:56:46 UTC  

His opponent was Nixon when he first ran if I'm not mistaken

2021-01-08 20:57:07 UTC  


2021-01-08 20:57:29 UTC  

So what do you think was up with JFK then?

2021-01-08 20:58:38 UTC  

This is politics has been for a long time, just not to the 2020 extreme...

2021-01-08 21:03:33 UTC  

So would you agree then if thats the case that JFK should not be put on a pedestal like people have been? Despite some of the statements he made

2021-01-08 21:06:09 UTC  

I believe "The Powers That Be" has had their person in office as long (or longer) as I have been alive, 53 years old

2021-01-10 16:31:27 UTC  

Any thoughts on this y’all? I don’t want it to be like another Parler, Ron called it out before it happened

2021-01-10 17:08:11 UTC  

I've just signed up. I trust kobayashi

2021-01-10 17:11:45 UTC  

I did too.

2021-01-10 17:12:42 UTC  

U all,got the same names over there?

2021-01-10 17:13:06 UTC  

I used mine

2021-01-10 17:13:37 UTC  

I'm qrabitt as always

2021-01-10 17:28:53 UTC  

Thanks I just wanted to make sure before I do anything. I’ve heard the name thrown around here and there but didn’t know 😊

2021-01-10 17:29:23 UTC  

All comms May go dark. Be prepared. Have batteries and a radio source

2021-01-10 17:29:42 UTC  

I’ll find you on there I’m gonna keep my name too I’ve been trying to keep it so we can all find each other lol

2021-01-10 17:32:40 UTC  

Did anyone change their default browser ? Just changed mine to DuckDuckGo

2021-01-10 20:35:50 UTC  

I’ve had DuckDuckGo for awhile

2021-01-10 20:36:17 UTC  

Not even a day 🤦‍♀️

2021-01-10 20:36:30 UTC  

I like DuckDuckGo. It tells you that you are concealed.

2021-01-10 20:37:04 UTC  

And the IP address is changeable

2021-01-10 20:37:28 UTC  

Welcome to the banned club 😎🙌🏻

2021-01-10 20:37:50 UTC  

Lol twice in less than 2 days 😂

2021-01-10 20:37:59 UTC  


2021-01-10 20:38:17 UTC  

You little rebel you 😂

2021-01-10 20:38:40 UTC  

Ain’t we all right now 😂

2021-01-10 20:39:48 UTC  


2021-01-10 20:40:14 UTC  

I am on suspension # 3

2021-01-10 20:45:09 UTC  

I am one post away from being band from FB. Heck I got in FB jail because a Dem came to my page telling me how stupid I was and I called her a bitch that got me 7 days.

2021-01-10 20:46:05 UTC  

Lol I’m probably gonna be right behind you before it’s over with

2021-01-10 20:46:28 UTC  

Well it was her attacking me. I didn’t go to her page.

2021-01-10 20:47:08 UTC  

I admit I am not the smartest person in the world. But she can’t tell me that.

2021-01-12 21:13:26 UTC