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2021-01-11 16:14:28 UTC  

Yes he does.

2021-01-11 16:14:28 UTC  

Are y’all watching newsmax? This is BS.

2021-01-11 16:16:27 UTC

2021-01-11 16:57:19 UTC  

IMHO 😎🚬💨
This that we're watching about impeachment is only 'POLITICAL THEATER" 🎭
The Great Awakening of showing the World how demonic and Corrupt these Politicians are and have been for decades....
This is all part of their roles in the movie 🎥🍿🍿🍿
Once the IA was signed/enacted as legal document Sat night it made Congress/Senate illegitimate, they no longer exist....
Trump now sits back and Watches The Military take command, it's all in the Militarys Control now 🇺🇸💯

2021-01-11 16:58:36 UTC  

💪 😎 🇺🇲 💯

2021-01-11 17:31:51 UTC  

Everyone who is conservative who thinks Trump is done and Biden is president or says, oh, Trump will just run in 2024 is ignorant. I like Steve Bannon but he fails to understand the full scope(he thinks its just going back to pre-Trump days but is troubled by the talk of punishing Trump supporters).

2021-01-11 17:33:35 UTC  

Great Reset Means: All those who don't go along with the program, whether it be vaccinations or reaching a low enough s,credit score will be put in camps. People will no longer have priviate property, all your possesions will be government owned, and taken if your priviledges go low enough. You will have to take a vaccine to be granted the right to live normally. But eventually all anti-vaxxers and others will be going to camps

2021-01-11 17:33:47 UTC  

That is the Great Reset, part of Agenda 30

2021-01-11 17:34:44 UTC  

I have said that all along.

2021-01-11 17:37:07 UTC  

Trump knows this. He knew it going into the WH, the Military knows it, they aren't going to let that happen. Also, Trump spoke by letters to the former Vatican ambassidor, a Arch-Bishop who is part of the traditional Catholics who have broken away from the main RCC, rejected Vatican 1(Papal infallibility) and Vatican 2. They hold the Bible in hey esteem, listening to him is like listening to any born again Christian

2021-01-11 17:51:56 UTC  

Was there anything leaked from sep 11 more than wikileaks has?

2021-01-11 17:56:07 UTC  

I don't think so.... Is the C I A document saying Tim Osman was OBL... was that a wikileak doc?

2021-01-11 17:57:21 UTC  

Yes it was, I’m still going through Wikileaks and I feel like I’m never gonna be done 😑

2021-01-11 17:57:45 UTC  

Yeah there's soooooo much

2021-01-11 17:58:24 UTC  

My computer is probably mad I’ve been overworking it lol

2021-01-11 18:05:38 UTC  

Everyone is saying that wiki leaks dump is new, I had those files months ago.

2021-01-11 18:06:02 UTC  

Yeah,every few months Ppl start saying that

2021-01-11 18:06:19 UTC  

I can prob get the exact date I got them if I dig into my texts far enough.

2021-01-11 18:07:04 UTC  

It’s not information I’m hearing.
I’m telling you, I had those files months ago 100% exact same ones. They’re not new.

2021-01-11 18:07:26 UTC  

Doesn’t mean they’re not important, just not new

2021-01-11 18:07:42 UTC  

Exactly, there's always new eyes looking

2021-01-11 18:08:49 UTC  

Didn’t he just give Nunez the medal of freedom for the Obama gate stuff?

2021-01-11 18:10:16 UTC  

Yeah he got it last week

2021-01-11 18:17:11 UTC  

Did you know mnuchin was a major Hollywood producer?

2021-01-11 18:33:01 UTC  

When I try to post pictures here it just says “compressing files” and won’t post.

2021-01-11 18:34:21 UTC  

I'll have to adjust your settings 😉
I'm leary of trolls posting bad stuff and can jeopardize this server 👍

2021-01-11 18:35:07 UTC  

Or sry 🤣 @Swordx will

2021-01-11 18:40:57 UTC  

Pompeo to speak soon, I think... Can't get a definite time

2021-01-11 18:59:27 UTC  

Another link in case

2021-01-11 19:19:48 UTC  

Fox tricked us, it's fricken Biden.

2021-01-11 19:25:32 UTC  

That is really low, even for the MSM

2021-01-11 19:27:40 UTC  

Very confusing what is happening right now. Trump is somewhere, but Military is moving into position all over the place. The combination of Pelosi' laptop being taken by those undercover marines and the increasing amounts of troops in DC is driving her completely mad. Now people are seeing tanks and troops outside DC

2021-01-11 19:27:53 UTC  
2021-01-11 19:28:45 UTC  

bear i mind can we trust the trump speech if he is suppposed to he safe and military in control, simon parkes has said dont trust what you see on MSN until the 19th they will try anything? -

2021-01-11 19:29:00 UTC  

Pelosi has insisted they remove all military commanders, and DOD refused to back her "Military coup on the President" rant, then told everyone she said it

2021-01-11 19:29:54 UTC  

If the Trump speech is from a live Trump and not greenskined sure, if you know its him you will know