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2021-01-13 21:54:32 UTC  

I’m confused does the declass have to happen now or never?

2021-01-13 22:23:25 UTC  

The Storm Devils(Aka 82nd Airborne) I remember you linking them preparing huge crates in the desert a month or so ago Bfrei

2021-01-13 22:23:40 UTC  

Thankyou for sharing. I wonder how paratroopers play into this

2021-01-13 22:24:11 UTC  

I've heard of NG and Marines, but not 82nd airborne.

2021-01-13 22:25:07 UTC  

They were one of the groups to post a storm is coming awhile back

2021-01-13 22:29:25 UTC  

Breathe deeply πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
We got this πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2021-01-13 22:42:03 UTC  

I remember, they, the DOD and Navy said the Storm at the same time

2021-01-13 22:42:58 UTC  

Yeppers 😎
People are freaking now....
Hold that LINE PATRIOTS πŸ’ͺπŸ€ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2021-01-13 22:44:01 UTC  

If biden goes in already many states making moves to leave the union

2021-01-13 22:45:06 UTC  

I honestly think there comes a time, when its just unhealthy to have false hope, when we realize that reality is US is over. Once Biden is in, Great Reset agenda begins and lets face it, it can't be stopped. Trump and his family and all supporters will be targetted.

2021-01-13 22:46:11 UTC  

Unless they stop Biden from coming in and gaining excess to classified info, meaning info as president he would have, its over. I'm the last person to say this but, it would be the end of the republic

2021-01-13 22:46:19 UTC  

They need to do something before that

2021-01-13 22:46:34 UTC  

After 20th its too late

2021-01-13 22:47:29 UTC  

@Ivan Trowbridge hang in there my friend we got this 😎

2021-01-13 22:49:37 UTC  

There is supposed to be mass arrests and EBS. At the eleventh hour, can't happen if there is a president biden. After that, those memes of skeletons with maga hats on or elderly being asked maybe years after biden was president "so you still doing that q thing?" And grandma responses "yeah trust the plan".

2021-01-13 22:49:56 UTC  

FCC already said something about as did the president hinting at it

2021-01-13 22:53:50 UTC  

I mean i need a good counter argument to suggest otherwise regarding biden

2021-01-13 22:54:09 UTC  

Is there still hope or are we clinging to false hope and outright denial

2021-01-13 23:00:46 UTC  

God is your hope, through him and only him, is anything possible. He will intervene and if not, that is his plan.

2021-01-13 23:01:00 UTC  

πŸ’ͺ 😎 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

2021-01-13 23:02:32 UTC  

We got this Guy's πŸ’ͺπŸ€ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
If not we sure know it's definitely the end of the World and I'm rdy to go home Christ Jesus πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

2021-01-13 23:03:34 UTC  

i wouldn't think of the unknown as false hope. its hope for the way that things are supposed to be. you can maintain that no matter what happens. yes if biden gets in they will sweep everything under the rug in short order, but i refuse too believe Trump went through all of this to just hand it over

2021-01-13 23:06:11 UTC  

it is troublesome with the big disconnect of "having it all" vs what we see on the public stage however i just dont think those people get to walk away from the crimes against humanity

2021-01-13 23:07:39 UTC  

the way i look at is i'm going to go down with the ship and stay steadfast in my beliefs and not jump off the ship and submit to becoming a commie

2021-01-13 23:16:41 UTC  

Trump cant walk away. He would continue to have a target on his back, as well as his entire family. All of his close associates/patriots. As well as all if us. Hes never quit, and it's been 4 years of hell for him. The Man is not a quitter. We were told it would be bad. We just have to sit back and have faith. Gods got this. And the Patriots with Trump have got this. There's NO walking away and giving up now. STAND . Because bottom line, we stand, we believe, we wait. It won't fail! But is it did, We the people have this. I'm 70 years old, I will die fighting for my and my children,grandchildren, and great grandchildren's freedom, if I have too. I will not live under this evil satanic rule on my knees. Sorry, I'm mad. But, I'm waiting for the plan to work, first

2021-01-13 23:21:28 UTC  

first 3 words " my fellow americans"..

2021-01-13 23:25:22 UTC  

that and the storm is upon us is supposed to be the keywords for launching military, which are deployed nationwide now

2021-01-13 23:28:20 UTC  

I mean I think there is only so far you can take the Sun Tzu stuff before it becomes absurd. I remember people begging Ellis to save the country from communism and Biden, she dismissed them all as having unconstitutional arguments

2021-01-13 23:29:04 UTC  

People said "Who cares about the Constitution, our freedom, our lives are at stake" she said we don't lower ourselves to the same level as our enemies

2021-01-13 23:29:57 UTC  

One person, I forget his name he was a trump supporter and anon quoted that and said "No Ellis, it is constitutional, you have lost us"

2021-01-13 23:32:38 UTC  

I've said it before, after a certain point you have to realize legality is nonsense. Its about stopping people who want to kill millions. Get rid of the chess board, and get the trumpet and sound the call to war.

2021-01-13 23:33:54 UTC  

Trump hasn't conceded either remember that

2021-01-13 23:34:10 UTC  

I don't believe the Biden will be allowed in story

2021-01-13 23:34:30 UTC  

Just like that guy claiming mass arrests just happened

2021-01-14 00:02:43 UTC  

True Patriots/follwers will NOT cause violence

2021-01-14 00:03:30 UTC  

**My Response to President Trump:** The nation was founded and made possible by normal people committing violent acts against the prevailing power of the time, the british empire. Look at the words of Thomas Jefferson. You say this country will make it threw these times. Yet you fail to mention time and again the great reset, and what will happen. Not only will the country NOT make it, millions will die. Why have you not been honest? Honestly plus proof, you have the words of Trudeau, info the World Economic Forum and more to draw on. Yet not a peep. Also, you panicked with Covid when nations like Sweden took a different approach, and refused to banish Fauci despite his lies. You lied time and time again defending him, yet the science and truth were on the side of places like Sweden which you lied about.

2021-01-14 00:05:15 UTC  

Someone give me a counter argument