Message from Deleted User in welp. u already Kno... #😂meme-warfare

2019-09-30 07:28:24 UTC  

ooh a not so veiled threat, im shaking in my boots

2019-09-30 07:28:24 UTC  

Would be a damn shame if admins told me what’s up

2019-09-30 07:28:45 UTC  

actually once taken down and no longer public they are "private" and when they are dcma protected they may not be downloaded screen shotted or reproduced

2019-09-30 07:28:54 UTC  


2019-09-30 07:28:58 UTC  

in the first place

2019-09-30 07:29:26 UTC  

Goodnight Sweet Prince

2019-09-30 07:29:43 UTC  

when you "archive" dcma MGA its an illegal copy lol

2019-09-30 07:30:44 UTC  

I see all

2019-09-30 07:31:06 UTC  

lol you are the one that is screwing your self the more public you make this we moved here to go public in front of cameras.. you think I havent been doxxed in the last 20 years

2019-09-30 07:31:22 UTC  

lol nub

2019-09-30 07:31:43 UTC  

doxxing people that were only trying to help you is petty, threatening people with kids is unforgivable. you belong in prison man.

2019-09-30 07:32:42 UTC  

Your behavior is disgusting.

2019-09-30 07:34:06 UTC  

settle down kids😆

2019-09-30 07:41:29 UTC  

ryan man cheers just telling this little pussy that runs away from conversation that he should try to solve his differances like a man with conversation.

2019-09-30 07:41:47 UTC  

let it go bro

2019-09-30 07:42:32 UTC  

you do know that showing someones face in discord is against TOS....

2019-09-30 07:43:22 UTC  

he knows better, and it's removed right?

2019-09-30 07:43:44 UTC  

is he

2019-09-30 07:43:45 UTC  

It’s against TOS and can have the server yeeted Ryan

2019-09-30 07:44:07 UTC  


2019-09-30 07:44:10 UTC  

It’s not a doxx

2019-09-30 07:44:11 UTC  

Hang on

2019-09-30 07:44:13 UTC  


2019-09-30 07:44:21 UTC  

take it off. or I will

2019-09-30 07:44:35 UTC  

You can’t change his pfp ryan 🤦🏼‍♀️

2019-09-30 07:44:45 UTC

2019-09-30 07:44:51 UTC  

show it out there as of today?

2019-09-30 07:44:58 UTC  

na seethats old

2019-09-30 07:44:59 UTC  

thats dcma content that was made private

2019-09-30 07:45:03 UTC  

Using someone’s identity is illegal

2019-09-30 07:45:08 UTC  

Not doxxing when information is posted by user on public sites as the profile

2019-09-30 07:45:11 UTC  

Not against TOS

2019-09-30 07:45:14 UTC  

thank you 25,000$ more

2019-09-30 07:45:16 UTC  

It is

2019-09-30 07:45:17 UTC  

take it down. Now

2019-09-30 07:45:20 UTC  

Unethical but angry

2019-09-30 07:45:27 UTC  

Nah ban me mate

2019-09-30 07:45:43 UTC  

I will ban you

2019-09-30 07:45:46 UTC  

Then suck my star spangled ding song

2019-09-30 07:45:47 UTC  

is it ethical to threaten people and their kids bro?

2019-09-30 07:45:49 UTC  

Do it