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[1] 3500 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin, 5000 Kelvin Light Emitting Diodes germinates the vegetable and herb seedlings. [2] Seed starting matter: Perlite, Peat soil, and humus. [3] I am waiting for germination basis on the instructions printed.

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[4] The water bucket, general use bucket, is filled with water and miracle grow (for cloning herbs). [5] The Aquarium airstone goes into the water bucket, with the adapter plug out of the water bucket, that powers the airstone.

2019-11-22 19:47:44 UTC ( Deep Water Culture - Hydroponics )

2019-11-22 19:52:00 UTC ( Humidity Dome on 10inch * 20inch tray [3:33] )

2019-11-22 19:54:02 UTC ( How to germinate seeds with a covered blanket )

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2019-11-22 21:31:47 UTC (growing microgreens in the basement)

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[6] Excel Sheets for cost tracking: [embed excel here . png ]

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[7] Square foot gardening is a simple method of creating small, orderly, and highly productive kitchen gardens. ( one 12 inch by one 12inch ). [8] Create a small garden bed (4 feet by 4 feet or 4 feet by 8 feet are common sizes) and divide it into a grid of 1-foot squares, which you manage individually. [9] it grows 1 or 4 or 9 or 16 plants in one square feet equal distance from each other.

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[10] Spirulina, Microgreens, Herbs, Vegetables inside polytunnels and hydroponic water buckets feeds everyone no matter of country, race, age, sex, and etc. [11] Wire Mesh Compost bins composts organic waste into humus. [12] Humus added to grey soil makes black soils.

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[13] Spirulina is an edible algae that grows in USDA zone 7 - 11. Country available: California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, [USA] Mexico, Guatemula, Honduras, Columbia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Guyana [South Americas].

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Portugal, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey [Roman Empire]. Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, West Sahara. [North Africa] Senegal to Somalia [Central Africa].

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Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam, Singapore, Malayasia, Java, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Australia [Darwin]

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Haiwaii, Microislands, Fuji, California again.

2019-11-22 23:41:15 UTC [Spirulina Algae Microfarm near Olympia Washington]

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@Tian Fan hey! Congrats on your new channel 👍

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[14] Succulent Sedums growing on vertical green walls and horizontal roofs.

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[15] Sedums grow everywhere in the flat earth that is not rotating.

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[16] Thinks there is enough information to gentrify Baltimore with a pen and paper. Or, draws new town blue print with AutoCad, Revit, ArchiCad, Google Sketchup, and photoshop.

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This is done in Paint, not professional soft wares (Autocad, Revit, Google sketchup, Archicad, and photoshop).