Message from Deleted User in welp. u already Kno... #special-op-section

2020-04-03 04:19:58 UTC  

One of the Rothchild has Corana virus
Please share

2020-04-06 03:38:11 UTC  

Let troll this child fucker.

2020-04-06 03:56:11 UTC  

Should I be shocked anymore, that Facebook lets those accounts continue to exist?

2020-04-06 03:56:37 UTC  

What more proof is needed, to prove that fb is evil?

2020-05-09 21:30:12 UTC
Be careful, there are some weird people out there.

2020-05-16 12:37:30 UTC

2020-05-16 12:37:34 UTC  

It all started with girls trying to be Bois, and Bois trying girls. Now we had a dude, a goblin, a skeleton and two pigs telling us they're health experts.