Message from Karnivore in welp. u already Kno... #youtubers-to-follow

2020-02-14 02:42:21 UTC  

EVERY TIME!! The Communists can only justify their failures because they have to bring up the past...

2020-02-14 02:42:26 UTC  
2020-02-14 14:34:06 UTC  

@Dagbreker Amazingly factual video! Thanks for sharing that link with me. I knew the numbers were skewed, but I had no idea just how bad.

2020-02-19 22:32:12 UTC  

@Dagbreker wow, that's one hell of a walk!

2020-02-19 22:32:25 UTC  

Is he living in Austin now?

2020-02-19 23:51:49 UTC  

@Karnivore Hi... No he started at a Senator, or Governor's house...

2020-02-19 23:53:50 UTC  

@Karnivore I know one of his friends here in SA. Himself and his family were attacked as well

2020-02-20 00:00:47 UTC  

@Karnivore The only thing I can honestly admit. He says something about refugee. NOBODY here wants to leave. I wish he just said send the army... But that would probably be called an invasion. Hahaha

2020-02-20 00:01:55 UTC  

I'll turn a blind eye if you bring us some Texas Steak... hahaha

2020-02-25 22:42:54 UTC  

Thanks for the links, @Deleted User 👍

2020-02-25 22:43:09 UTC  

Strange times we live in.

2020-02-29 15:17:35 UTC  
2020-02-29 21:36:54 UTC  

If you haven’t ever seen this guy’s videos, they are definitely worth a listen.

2020-03-04 07:21:22 UTC

2020-03-04 07:21:42 UTC  

Damn I’ve been watching this page for 3 hours already! Save me

2020-03-07 22:18:11 UTC