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2020-11-24 21:07:51 UTC  

That priest is awesome.

It is absolutely astonishing to me that there exist those who wish to bash and destroy the entire Catholic Church, our dogma, and all that comprise those very foundations, rather than yield immediate help and aid in excising those infesting cancers that share the very same goal of total and complete destruction of the Catholic Church.

2020-11-24 21:09:52 UTC  

_"Catholic Joe Biden"_ excommunicated himself from the Catholic Church a very long time ago. The devil lives very well within Joe Biden.

2020-11-24 21:10:33 UTC  

In his current state, Joe Biden is scum of the earth. Any Catholic who knowingly votes for the things that Biden stands for is committing mortal sin.

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2020-11-29 02:53:20 UTC  

"That is all. Furthermore..." Every time I speak.

2020-11-29 16:18:15 UTC  

An interesting and balanced discussion on race. Jordan Peterson interviews Coleman Hughes on Mikhaila Peterson's podcast.

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