Message from Deleted User in welp. u already Kno... #๐Ÿ”—links-and-info๐Ÿ”—

2019-11-07 12:32:26 UTC  

no matter how you look at reality....the message remains..."love all as self"

2019-11-09 17:01:48 UTC

2019-11-11 13:00:12 UTC

2019-11-11 13:00:44 UTC  

Nice i've had those already

2019-11-11 13:01:35 UTC  

I just happen to come across a server with alot of PDF files on different things.

2019-11-11 13:01:56 UTC  

Nice post the link

2019-11-11 13:03:20 UTC  

Posted in server links its a Marfoogle partner server @Deleted User

2019-11-11 13:03:48 UTC  

Oh yeah i thought that was it

2019-11-11 13:04:50 UTC  

I have been trying to reach out on the Florida server but they're not to active.

2019-11-11 13:08:01 UTC  

The louisiana part of marfoogle is pretty active

2019-11-11 13:14:59 UTC  

Good, i'm kinda worried of people's involvement in issues down hete

2019-11-11 13:54:49 UTC

2019-11-11 13:55:43 UTC  

^ the video is the PDF read to you...warning 5 hours ^

2019-11-11 13:55:53 UTC