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2019-10-30 02:12:10 UTC  

just like we killed isis because he allowed the millitary to act. If the police could act they would fix it very fast.

2019-10-30 02:28:41 UTC  

@Omnis I mean, yes, but my worry is the public really hunting them then, they are use to having their street rules... I don’t want cops to be hunted more

2019-10-30 05:01:25 UTC  

If they are allowed to put dangerous known criminals and mentally unstable people aka ANTIFA away. Then it tells the public that behavior isn't tollerated. instead of what we had, very little risk of getting caught because the police chief woul'd LET officers search, investigate, or prosecute antifa. If that changes people willing to hunt cops will be hunted by cops and removed like they should be.

2019-11-07 12:32:26 UTC  

no matter how you look at reality....the message remains..."love all as self"

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Nice i've had those already

2019-11-11 13:01:35 UTC  

I just happen to come across a server with alot of PDF files on different things.

2019-11-11 13:01:56 UTC  

Nice post the link

2019-11-11 13:03:20 UTC  

Posted in server links its a Marfoogle partner server @Deleted User

2019-11-11 13:03:48 UTC  

Oh yeah i thought that was it

2019-11-11 13:04:50 UTC  

I have been trying to reach out on the Florida server but they're not to active.

2019-11-11 13:08:01 UTC  

The louisiana part of marfoogle is pretty active