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@Deleted User we have that in Arizona

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On July 8, 2019 was arrested on sex trafficking charges. It was found out that he had a weird Pedo island in the caribeans, and all these legandes arose. On July 11, 2019 an Anon sent a drone over the island, and the next day the world got there first look at the island from a drone. I wanted to point something out. Construction on Epstein did end when he got arrested. I know the FBI raided it. But if you look at the first drone video:
At around 2:30 you can see a structure shaped into the ground, like a ring made from dirt hills. But on Google Maps, you can see they finish a tennis court there, but not in the drone photo:

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At around 3:10 you can see they also cover the beach south of the sun dial with something, but not in the drone video.

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Near the end of the video you can 2 palm trees in the lot by temple. On Google maps you can see 6 in that lot.

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This data is very minimal, but it tells a lot. I know most people don’t use aerial reconnaissance, but this does point out how seeing some small can lead to a bigger conclusion.

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This is the drug that limitless the movie was based off of

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Living only on water ..well , slightly insane , even if your god .. ZBut I tried , but id did not work ..hollwierd bs just don't work out ..I tried it ,
So try fasting for 30 days and see what happens to your mental and physical being .
I put it to the test ..YES 30 days fasting , and only water ..try it ... !!!!

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the daily dot is shilling for youtube