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2020-12-11 20:04:15 UTC  

Warning to president trump: PLEASE STOP PUSHING VACCINES (p.s. vaccines will NOT save your re-election)

2020-12-12 17:24:26 UTC  

Experimental (and Rushed) Vaccines Kills and president trump is making a grave mistake for pushing this

2020-12-12 19:10:55 UTC

2020-12-12 19:52:59 UTC  

these vaccines also contained HIV, Aborted Fetal Cells and Luciferase

2020-12-13 00:59:40 UTC  

the frankenshots Arrives in States in Monday, prepare to resist them, do not trust Pfizer or any other vaccine manufacturer

2020-12-14 01:01:57 UTC

2020-12-14 20:06:20 UTC  

remember don't take the vaccine, it is untested and highly dangerous and it will NOT protect you from coronavirus (P.S. Stop Mandatory Vaccinations)

2020-12-14 22:13:00 UTC  

at least trump trying to do a 180 on this unconstitutional vaccine push