Message from Boost777 in welp. u already Kno... #⚠❗🚫-5-g-🚫❗⚠

2020-04-13 07:32:48 UTC  

I don't promote the globe lol

2020-04-13 07:32:58 UTC  

uh oh

2020-04-13 07:32:59 UTC  


2020-04-13 07:33:05 UTC  

that's another channel here.

2020-04-13 07:33:13 UTC  

Anyway it got censored by FB

2020-04-13 07:33:19 UTC  

don't dive off the deep end too fast here

2020-04-13 07:33:23 UTC  

saying it was fake news

2020-04-13 07:33:39 UTC  

I don't participate in fb or any other social media whatsoever

2020-04-13 07:33:46 UTC  

they are all propaganda tools

2020-04-13 07:33:49 UTC  

I remembered the fish / bird deaths in Wuhan

2020-04-13 07:34:13 UTC  

They are for sure

2020-04-13 07:34:21 UTC  

but I'm glad I saw the censorship

2020-04-13 07:34:32 UTC  

Because it wasn't even a conspiracy type video

2020-04-13 07:34:41 UTC  

I'm sure the guy was just giving a talk

2020-04-13 07:35:04 UTC  

The censorship by fb, yt, and all others is definitely real.

2020-04-13 07:35:24 UTC  

A group with 70k members got removed by FB stop5gUK

2020-04-13 07:35:34 UTC  

I don't doubt that at all.

2020-04-13 07:36:14 UTC  

I would suggest to look at the holes in the cheese, not the place where no holes seem to be.

2020-04-13 07:36:33 UTC  

like the 3 questions I posted to start off with

2020-04-13 07:36:44 UTC  

no one is even talking about that

2020-04-13 07:37:01 UTC  

Remember laws for reporting deaths have been loosened

2020-04-13 07:37:17 UTC  

that is another very simple explanation

2020-04-13 07:37:46 UTC  

hospitals that report a death as a CCP virus death receive more funding than a heart attack cause of death.

2020-04-13 07:38:06 UTC

2020-04-13 07:38:44 UTC  

yes, but that is yet another very fine intricacy, not a solution to the problem.

2020-04-13 07:38:53 UTC  

I don't think it's as simple as you say

2020-04-13 07:39:34 UTC  

No other answer is anything more than supposition.

2020-04-13 07:40:07 UTC  

but again, that is but one very tiny intricacy.

2020-04-13 07:40:11 UTC  

I appreciate you're point of view

2020-04-13 07:40:19 UTC  


2020-04-13 07:40:33 UTC  

I try to keep an open mind, but stay rooted in facts.

2020-04-13 07:40:53 UTC  

I would like to chat again. Just going to get a bit more sleep rn

2020-04-13 07:40:59 UTC  


2020-04-13 07:41:03 UTC  

what time is it by you?

2020-04-13 07:41:11 UTC  

0341 here

2020-04-13 07:41:23 UTC  

we had tornadoes roll through, which is why I'm still up

2020-04-13 07:41:23 UTC  

It's 8:40am lol

2020-04-13 07:41:26 UTC  


2020-04-13 07:41:28 UTC  

Oh where are you

2020-04-13 07:41:30 UTC  

I'm in the UK

2020-04-13 07:41:34 UTC  

too early for this discussion...LOL