Message from AngellosL in welp. u already Kno... #earth-flat-🕳or-globe🌍

2020-04-20 01:38:53 UTC  

Riggs, can you confirm if I was actually banned or only kicked?

2020-04-20 01:39:41 UTC  


2020-04-20 01:41:36 UTC  

That’s what I thought.

2020-04-20 01:41:48 UTC  

Who is the owner of that server?

2020-04-20 01:42:14 UTC

2020-04-20 01:42:36 UTC  

Keyword civil

2020-04-20 01:47:32 UTC  

I also read that before I posted, @Deleted User

2020-04-20 01:48:43 UTC  

You're obviously not civil by asking questions

2020-04-20 01:49:11 UTC  

It doesn’t really help their cause.

2020-04-20 01:53:24 UTC

2020-04-20 01:53:40 UTC  

Hid the evidence also

2020-04-20 01:57:18 UTC  

Yeah, they deleted all the ban notifications, too.

2020-04-20 01:58:50 UTC  

I used to go back and read the historical posts in their old The Wall server. Now it makes sense that the posts were all very odd.

2020-04-20 01:59:18 UTC  

They ban so many people over there, deleting their posts, then also cleaning up any proof of their existence.

2020-04-20 01:59:40 UTC  

And they leave the original replies from other folks in place.

2020-04-20 02:00:17 UTC  

So when you go back and read anything, you’re getting 50% (or less) of the conversations.

2020-04-22 05:22:48 UTC  
2020-04-22 07:17:31 UTC  

Earth is a dodecahedron, bro. #provemewrong

2020-04-22 07:20:37 UTC

2020-04-22 08:17:27 UTC

2020-04-22 19:15:29 UTC  


2020-04-22 19:23:59 UTC

2020-04-22 19:26:04 UTC  

👆 Click the Object link, which opens the JPL page. Then click Orbit Diagram. When the orbit diagram opens, click Earth (to recenter on Earth), then zoom with your scroll wheel. Now drag the map around with your mouse to see from varying angles how the object will pass by Earth.

2020-04-22 19:28:46 UTC  

Now do the same for 99942 Apophis (2004 MN4) 👇

2020-04-22 19:30:20 UTC

2020-04-24 02:50:25 UTC  

Another one, pointed out by @Queen Of Conspiracy
_(if you look at my previous screen shot above, it's not in the list!---and I just made that screen shot yesterday!)_

2020-04-24 02:50:31 UTC

2020-04-24 02:50:43 UTC  

That's WAY too close for comfort.

2020-04-24 03:07:37 UTC

2020-04-24 03:36:39 UTC  

👆 Sorted by smallest AU on top.

2020-04-25 23:41:50 UTC  
2020-04-25 23:42:36 UTC  

Through the last 10 mins of this video, I can't tell who is arguing for which side.

2020-04-25 23:44:12 UTC  

The only one I saw act like a dick was the white guy.

2020-04-25 23:44:26 UTC  

But I missed the first hour of this, apparently.

2020-04-25 23:45:14 UTC  

It is difficult to believe that in 2020, folks are still debating this.

2020-04-25 23:51:16 UTC  

The female host of that stream just said, "Space is fake."

2020-04-25 23:51:18 UTC  


2020-04-25 23:51:38 UTC  

Perhaps she needs to choose her words more wisely.