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Nuclear war survival skills is the go to book for handling a nuclear war situation it is 600 + pages that cover everything. It can also be used for other things such as food prepping and covert shelter. The book was written back when your government loved you.

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1. Use your Brain (left hemisphere and right hemisphere).

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2. Read lots of youtube, books, encyclopedias, and manuals.

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3. Take careful notes about things are outdated or backwards compatable with society norms.

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4. Take careful notes about things are in advance or ahead of society norms.

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example . 3 = Composting toilet vs flushing toilet. 4. Biogas toilet vs flushing toilet vs composting toilet.

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Composting toilets "prevents" unsanitary vectors (flies, fleas, scabies, rats, mosquitoes, and etc) vs sheet composting systems - the poop is horizontally laid out under the black garbage bag.

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Has anyone know how to properly construct a wooden model of the Solar powered composting toilet shed with Transparent plastic Cardboard?

2019-11-27 21:13:02 UTC  

Made you thousands of intrinsic value of units for building the row house of solar powered composting toilet shed with plastic cardboard.

2019-11-27 21:19:00 UTC  

The Red are 4 by 4 studs that have flooring joists, blue, and the outhouses are green (a load onto the red studs and blue flooring joists)

2019-11-27 21:19:56 UTC  

The Wired compost bin is under the floor joists to compost the human poop into a hole.

2019-11-27 21:20:49 UTC ( Green house load on the red and blue load bearing structure )

2019-11-27 21:29:05 UTC ( tiny House with solar panels )

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survival medicine

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Composting toilets, Greenhouse, Cold Frames, Polytunnels, and tiny houses. Spirulina, microgreens, herbs, medicine, staples grains, vegetables, and livestocks.

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Maslows base layer of needs.

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Here we go...moved to prepping.

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Just watch out for the Tsar Bomba.

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That guy above definitely sounds like he's from the Ark-La-Tex region.