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The so-called Patriot Act undermines the daylights out of the 4th Amendment.

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@Nobel Suprise that's been going on for many years

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Proof that sodomites are against gun rights

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My response to this homo

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Long story short : Ceo of body armor compay calls out florida police for ups mass shooting,
then gets life threat by police,
So he doubles down and wants to run for governer of montana

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Too bad the entire Northeast is lost, and will NEVER have a candidate that even utters words that half-resemble Lyman Bishop’s.

2019-12-12 02:02:14 UTC  

And if a candidate came along who said things like that, the overwhelming number of degenerate inner city dwelling creatures in the voting pool would never elect him.

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>>> *“During the 25-year period covered in this report (1993–2017) the violent crime rate has decreased by 48.6 percent and unintentional firearm-related fatalities have declined by 68 percent.”*

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423 million guns

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Hi guys and gals... Just want to check in, because I'm trying to understand? What does American law say about militia forming? Is it allowed?

I'll explain why I need to know, as I would like to compare.

2019-12-12 22:14:09 UTC  

It's in regards to the "Gun Sanctuary" movement gaining momentum.

2019-12-12 22:17:13 UTC  

Ah... I am reading, as long as it's not involved in illegal and gang related activity.

2019-12-12 22:18:16 UTC  

Well... why I believe you must defend this idea, is because, in my country we had something similar. The were called "Kommandos"...

2019-12-12 22:20:50 UTC  

These men defended all rural areas.

2019-12-12 22:21:05 UTC  

And it worked very well as well.

2019-12-12 22:21:54 UTC  

Until we got a Communist government, and made it illegal...

2019-12-12 22:24:04 UTC  

Now is more dangerous to be in the rural areas, than on the frontline in the middle east...

2019-12-12 22:24:37 UTC  

So, please, defend your "Gun Santuaries"...

2019-12-13 01:48:33 UTC  

@Deleted User
Excellent... Thank you.
I can't reiterate enough.

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@Dagbreker in the 1990s Bill Cooper covered extensively The Authority that the militia have in the United States

2019-12-13 02:08:12 UTC  

Also in most States, private citizens have the authority to make arrests.
And in certain States like Nevada private citizens have the authority to form Posses.

2019-12-13 02:12:28 UTC  

@Deleted User Yes... exactly... But I try and avoid the word 'posse'... It's got this undertone of behaving unlawfully... lol.
But yes, the idea is similar. It worked amongst our farming areas, as some farms were up to 7miles by 7miles... and to prevent folks from being murdered these "Commandos" would patrol the landscapes on horseback.

2019-12-13 02:21:14 UTC  

You're correct, they play semantics with the words here also. They use the term vigilantes to describe citizen's arrest and posses

2019-12-13 02:42:14 UTC  

@Deleted User
Any how... Thank you for the info.

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@Dagbreker you're correct a republic is built on law, a democracy is built on men

2019-12-13 03:52:30 UTC

>>> Article 4 - The States
Section 4 - Republican Government

**Article 4 - The States
Section 4 - Republican Government**

*"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence."*

2019-12-13 03:53:02 UTC  

Don't let anyone even attempt to convince you that the USA is a democracy.

2019-12-13 03:53:15 UTC  

@Karnivore wow...

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The USA is a Republic.

2019-12-13 03:53:42 UTC  

Democracy = mob rule

2019-12-13 03:53:52 UTC  

Republic = guaranteed rights

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So... how does a militia's arrangement work with the government... that means you are mandated? YES?