Message from Dagbreker in welp. u already Kno... #💣the-armory💥

2019-12-13 05:06:11 UTC  

sounds bad

2019-12-13 05:06:28 UTC  

so they wouldn't get their hands dirty with the blood of others?

2019-12-13 05:06:38 UTC  

I want to compare your scenario to that

2019-12-13 05:06:57 UTC  


2019-12-13 05:07:10 UTC  

It could be normal people, but the books are outdated

2019-12-13 05:08:02 UTC  

And the training could be outdated, meant for *devide and conquer*

2019-12-13 05:08:05 UTC  

Please don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that all police are bad. I am just saying that when enough are bad, then perhaps it's time to stop and rethink the entire structure.

2019-12-13 05:08:19 UTC  

I agree with you.

2019-12-13 05:09:33 UTC  

So what if that were your son, daughter, wife, husband, relative, or friend? (The UPS driver or the other innocent person killed)

2019-12-13 05:09:39 UTC  

I hear you... I have a friend in the 'FlyingSquad'... not literally flying... we just call them that... He got shot by an AK47... he survived, he's partner died...

2019-12-13 05:09:47 UTC  


2019-12-13 05:10:10 UTC  

I don't care to be shot by an AK.

2019-12-13 05:11:32 UTC  


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2019-12-13 05:15:19 UTC  

Check this out

2019-12-13 05:15:20 UTC  

Do you think their AK-47s were registered?

2019-12-13 05:15:22 UTC  

LOL...sorry, it's really not funny.

2019-12-13 05:15:45 UTC  

Hahaha... he's ok now... very happily retired

2019-12-13 05:15:52 UTC  

he jokes about it...

2019-12-13 05:16:00 UTC  

Not the death offcours

2019-12-13 05:17:14 UTC  

Wow, that last link you posted is dated 17 October 2018.

2019-12-13 05:17:19 UTC  

He had to go for counseling because he lost his head a bit

2019-12-13 05:17:34 UTC  

Did they fail in removing Section 13 and 14 of the Firearms Control Act ?

2019-12-13 05:17:52 UTC  

Yeah, I think counseling would be a good thing for anyone.

2019-12-13 05:18:21 UTC  

If he is religious, I hope he also got counseling from his church.

2019-12-13 05:19:06 UTC  

Watch the video.

2019-12-13 05:19:31 UTC  

*"More than 200 rounds are believed to have been fired by 19 cops"*

2019-12-13 05:19:54 UTC  

I'm sure they will say that the criminal is to blame, not the police.

2019-12-13 05:20:33 UTC  

*"Miami-Dade police which led the firing squad defended their actions by saying the suspects had shot at them first."*

2019-12-13 05:20:50 UTC  

Oh my fking soul... it's sounds like a war zone?

2019-12-13 05:20:53 UTC  

The police should have never gotten so close, while in traffic.

2019-12-13 05:21:17 UTC  

They sound sacred to shoot so many times?

2019-12-13 05:21:18 UTC  

This is common sense.

2019-12-13 05:21:25 UTC  

Yes, I'm sure they were very scared.

2019-12-13 05:22:13 UTC  

To shoot so many times in SA is a sign of being scared... You should once and it should count...

2019-12-13 05:22:24 UTC  

I agree with that.

2019-12-13 05:22:50 UTC  

It was proved in one of our miner strikes that occured.

2019-12-13 05:23:22 UTC  

These types of things are happening more and more.