Message from Dracarys in welp. u already Kno... #⛪religion✝

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Go back to your Gnostic party in the Roundtable server 😏

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@Deleted User its actually very nuanced if you had the eyes to see it. as always, you dismiss criticism

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“ The narratives of the Doctrine are its cloak. The simple look only at the garment—that is, upon the narrative of the Doctrine ; more they know not. The instructed, however, see not merely the cloak, but what the cloak covers.”
(The Zohar, iii., 152 ; Franck, 119.)

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@Dracarys Yet here u are 😏 The *Zohar*...thanks for revealing yourself

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Umm and he is welcome here... 👌

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you think the spiritual wisdom is all on the surface, capable of being mastered completely. thats where you're wrong, and arrogant. the wisdom is not always self evident, and it is more deep than your capability to understand in its entirety. as the zohar says

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youre not god. you dont possess perfect and comprehensive spiritual wisdom. but you will never learn new spiritual wisdom, because you think its shallow enough to have learned it all.

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Christ's perfect wisdom has been made known, & it's not in the Zohar's occult Kabblah-blah *(you've leaned upon an occult perversion, & it fails u).* We're all subject to the law, & that's that. Nothing any of you have responded with can change God's laws nor authority, & so the unrighteous accusers have been found wanting in the face of the truth they've rejected.

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and that makes no sense

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As u were 👋

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@Deleted User God help you see you are not wisest, only God is

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until then your ability to grow spiritually is halted

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you are destined to think as you do at this moment

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i hope your destiny changes

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the wisdom of the bible is bottomless. only god knows it all completely

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as you were 👋

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*"God help you see you are not wisest, only God is"*
^ The other scoffers already played the useless Freudian card; projection has no effect *(save for coloring fruitless gossip).* Your sour fruits are your own to reap. I'll pray you drop lesser occult knowledge for Christ's *(God's)* truth. Enjoy your evening

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*(incoming two cents likely)*

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sorry, no one elected you the authority on the bible's wisdom. theres nothing but good in finding new symbolism in the bible for wisdom previously unarticulated as well

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but youre entitled to your opinion

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maybe one day youll formulate a good argument

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The Zohar is *not* the Bible...just another perversion.

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He thinks he supplant Christ's truth with occult knowledge & worldly tricks. It's futile

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No doubt

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When that fails the scoffers simply redirect under the guise of lazy mischaracterization. They've burned through their deck of cards, so they shuffle the same nonsense to compensate failed tactics & sanctimonious platitudes

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@Deleted User where did he talk about cults?

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@bible whore 1 Nice re-wording Jezebel 😉 What did I post? 😏

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@Deleted User The trinity isn't Biblical. Do u know that? I'd like to think so

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It's 6pm, Imma' eat dinner. I'll be back later

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@Deleted User Sounds good brother!